Guest workers are citizens now?

How bloody dare they. Sally McManus, head of the trade union movement (a group that until a few decades ago was notionally committed to improving the lot of workers, but now exists to boost the careers of personally ambitious preselection-seeking virtue-signallers) has joined the rest of the elites in demanding that Australia’s visa workers receive the full benefits of the ‘Job Keeper’ $750 weekly payment, introduced during the course of the Coronavirus crisis.

The sheer chutzpah of this has to be appreciated. These foreign visa workers are overwhelmingly not ‘skilled’. They were brought in as cheap labor- people working 50-60 hours a week for wages south of $10 per hour. And because of that, the majority of Australian workers never wanted these ‘guestworkers’ here in the first place.

And despite this nonsense myth that they ‘were brought in to do the jobs Australians saw as beneath them” (which kind of contradicts the nonsense ‘they are skilled’ meme in the first place), in fact Australians still very much wanted to do these jobs, they just weren’t allowed to have them after the cheaper (and more importantly, more pliant) foreign workers were brought in.

Australians have never been given a vote or a choice on the mad overimmigration in place since the John Howard years. The reason is obvious- -they are overwhelmingly against it (not surprising when you have nearly a million citizens our of work anyway) and would vote it down in a second.

Now we are facing the biggest fiscal and job crisis of our lifetimes, where our taxes (and a big deficit) are being spent to prop Australian citizens up, and, the same elites (the press gallery (of course) the universities, big business, the unsackable ABC ‘journalists’) are all demanding that our tax money, Australian taxpayer money, be spent financially supporting the visa workers.

So, they originally forced visa workers on us to lower our wages. This put millions of Australians our of work well before there was any virus crisis. And now we are expected to put our country’s budget into deficit (and pay big taxes in the future) to finance the ongoing welfare of our (unwanted) replacements. And they were only invited here on the basis of them having a job while they were here.

No. No. No. No. No. No. No way. Not one cent of welfare is to be given to these visa workers. The rules were clear. We are NOT a welfare scheme to fund our replacements.

I sympathize with those 2m a year Vice Chancellors who need their visa proles to fund a new yacht next year; the smug press gallery ‘journalists’ who think they are being progressive by cheering on slave guestworker schemes (ironically pleasing their proprietors and big business) and Sally McManus, who loves to virtue signal in the hopes of getting preselected (even at the expense of her own members). Actually, I don’t sympathize, these people are appalling.

Granting these guestworkers full welfare rights is basically granting them citizenship, without the consent of, well, the actual citizens. This is forcing us to share our country with people who clearly came here as temporary work migrants to undercut our wages. Forcing us to put our country into ruinous deficit to fund our worker-bee replacements. I wonder if the next ‘policy’ to be pushed by the elites is to grant visa workers preference at hospitals (on the basis they are more productive than us anyway)? They might as well.

No. Enough is enough, elites. The visa workers were forced on us by you to lower our wages. No govt welfare for them. If the visa scheme conditions aren’t being met, they must return. Maybe they could take the elites with them?