Sixty billion dollars missing in Western Australia- but media not interested

Back in the real world:

The WA treasurer, who’s job it is to tax the miners in that state, refused to lift mining royalties from their lousy 5% rate. Increasing them to a proper rate would have raised them by fifteen billion dollars a year over his four year term.

He’s now walked off to get a lucrative board position – at one of the major mining companies! Kudos for Crikey for actually reporting the real story here. And Michael West news for also reporting on it.

The main press gallery, of course, missed the real story and ignored the obvious issue of politicians going through the revolving door to work for the people they regulate and (under) tax.

Oh well, its only sixty billion dollars in lost revenue total over four years. There’s 2.77m people in WA, so that means every single resident has lost $21,660.

When will we get a proper media in this country that actually writes about stuff like this going on under our noses?


Why the Australian media is full of pro (fake) refugee sentiment

The non stop emotive campaign by the media and the elites for the ‘Biloela family’ (a bunch of proven fake asylum seekers who went to a rural town (got jobs (ie took them off someone else for a lower wage) which automatically deemed them ‘wonderful’ and ‘hard working’) and now demand to stay, despite being repeatedly proven to be liars and fake refugees, really is something.

Every day there is an emotive photo of them crying, or holding little hand painted signs, notably on ABC/Fairfax, to create the false impression there is a general community support for them to stay. Its a shame they cant show the little smirks on their faces in private when they think about the con they are perpetuating by pretending to be genuine refugees. They wont mention how the father simultaneously claimed to be ‘in hiding’ in Sri Lanka from the authorities during the war there, while in fact jetting in and out of Colombo airport (during wartime!) to work overseas (and the fact that, oddly, he didn’t mention this until confronted with the evidence of it). He had no qualms about ‘persecution’ when he was jetting in and out of Sri Lanka.

And its also a pity they wont show the four real refugees facing starvation or death who will be kept out of Australia as a result of this family’s fraud. Also a shame we can’t fast forward to the future, when this family, citizenship obtained despite not meeting the rules, start loudly demanding to bring out their extended family, or their sick elderly relatives to dump in our hospital system at our expense. After the family sponsorship and chain migration is enforced, we’re likely up for about 80 extra folks to emigrate here. After all, it would be racist to resist…

Or as someone said, what is the point about having rules about refugees when everyone’s just allowed to break them and stay anyway? (provided the media run an emotive campaign for you).

But whats really driving this emotive and total media campaign (when you get behind the useful-idiot ‘look at me’ virtue signallers at the front of it), is of course, far nastier. Its to ‘frame’ all debates about immigration to be about race and refugees (noting the irony of course that this family are fake refugees). This automatically puts everyone who questions unlimited population growth, or the growth of visa slave guestworker schemes on the defensive as automatic ‘racists’. And the media and business elites can then get what they want- a cheap overseas worker slave system which guts wages and living standards. They couldn’t give a stuff about refugees (that’s why they are endorsing fake ones). And of course the arguments against the exploitation of visa slaves, and against ever rising population have nothing to do with race. Its the visa slave immigration lobby that are the real racists.

In fact, ironically, the real racists here are the media and business elites demanding visa slaves as they have a deeply held belief they have the right to import cheap foreign labor to do with as they please. These elites wouldn’t be out of place in 1850s southern USA – they have the same arguments. The immigrants (slaves) should be happy to have a job, they are naturally suited to the outdoor work etc, their masters are beneficial, slavery (visa work) is natural!. And, above all, holy of holies, it keeps wages down!

Sometimes I wonder if the journalists who spout all this pro immigration crap on the Fairfax website or ABC could just be replaced with bots saying ‘we need to restart immigration’, ‘skills shortage’ etc etc endlessly. It wouldn’t be any more cliched, forced (and obviously pushed by management) than the rubbish they already spout.

We need to stand up to this fake, lying manipulative campaign by our media elites, which is designed to push cheap foreign labor (and nothing else) and which is racist to the core. The same way it was demanded of us to fling open the borders to Indian travellers (over half of which who tried to board flights who were infected) so that we could give our lives and have outbreaks to make the media elites happy, we must stand up against the lies of the pro slavery lobby.

As we are shoved into ever more crowded cities and forced to live as slumdogs, as we are replaced by $3 per hour visa slaves, as we rent (as we are not allowed to buy houses anymore), as our hospitals (that we paid for from our taxes) collapse from overcrowding , as we are told that we are ‘racist’ for questioning any of this, and as our elites sneer at us from their overpaid ABC TV shows, or university visa factory admin careers, soon we will shout ‘enough’!


Australia- the slave state

Well, at least the elites are now being honest with us.

For years, the media/political elites told us that immigration didn’t lower wages, that there were critical ‘skills shortages’ that had to be filled (longer term we need to retrain but in the short term we need special visa workers etc etc).

Fast forward to now with Covid, with wages rising and (shock horror) ordinary Australians getting jobs and the script is thrown away. Suddenly, the elites are all demanding immigration- they dont even pretend its for skilled workers anymore, they want cheaper trolley collectors and nightclub workers. At least the sneering, open bias of our elites for bonded visa labor is out in the open. It was always about cheaper labor, but above all, bonded labor.

It should be remembered there are two types of pro immigration lobbies. The first are the ‘rising tide lift all boats’ people- the property developers, retailers,who want higher population These people are greedy and wrong (Higher pop doesn’t add any more jobs that are taken, migrants-shockingly also age as well. Oh and they tend to occupy houses, pushing up rents and prices).

But far more powerful and vicious, are the bonded labor lobby. These are the people who benefit from visa workers who are tied to jobs- the farmer getting immigrant fruit pickers on $3 per hour, the nightclub owner getting ‘skilled workers’ who can’t quit if they are exploited etc etc, because the penalty for them stopping work is deportation. The employers here have far far more at stake than just generally more people – their whole business model is built on exploitation. They are therefore better known as the slave lobby – the literal slave owners of modern Australia.

Obviously, the commercial media swallow the lies of the slave lobby unquestioningly. But whats far more shocking and vicious is the way the taxpayer funded ABC wholeheartedly supports them. Every week, there is a lying article from ‘ABC rural’ slandering Australians as being too weak to work on farms, and how we desperately needed a bonded labor slave scheme. We’ve even had disgusting articles about how the farmers should help design their own scheme (as if that wont lead to exploitation!)

Ironically, of course, if anyone questions this they are labelled, immediately by our media as ‘racist!’. Our media love to be all modern and progressive by championing higher migration and visa slaves, when all it does is richen their property/university advertisers/farmers and distribute wealth upwards, while destroying the slaves themselves. And how could you be more racist than to import a bonded visa slave with a boss having total control over their body and what that really means. This is vile, 1850s America stuff and the media cheersquad, particularly the ABC, should be ashamed.

We already have two million non citizen workers in Australia. People who have to do what they are told, who are paid $5 per hour in cash, who have to submit to every demand of their employer. We literally now have a class of slaves, cheered on by our sneering media elites (and the greedy slave labor lobbies behind them).

The change in our culture from this bonded labor shift has been profound. Recently, in Melbourne with the toxic storage factory fires, it emerged these toxic dumps were staffed by visa immigrants (and they had been threatened into silence with the threat of deportation). They had chemicals poured on them, their lives destroyed. This is what we’ve come to now. Get paid $5 an hour if your lucky and be doused in chemicals- and if you dont like it you will be deported. We now have a class of workers who literally have no rights but deportation if they displease their owner/employer-master., Slaves working in our midst, just like 1850s USA. Its appalling. The filthy racist vision of our unlimited immigration, visa slave driving ABC and commercial media.

At what point does this start to completely transform our labor market. If its 15% of adult workers being visa slaves now, what of when it rises to 30%, then finally more than half? The slave drivers want no limit to their slaves, and the govt. is cheering them on. White collars have been ok for a while, but now they plan slave bonded visa labor for all sectors even management and professionals!. Will journalists be replaced by slave visa workers? Here’s a link that discussed that. No member of the middle class (what is left of it) is safe from being handed over to slave labor.

It also ironic that the ABC, which never misses an opportunity to report the most biased feminist angle on virtually every story, bends over backwards to cheer on slave labor; leading to exploitation of women a hundred times worse. Lets not get into too much detail here, because thats a very upsetting topic. The ABC should be ashamed.


The free market is not the enemy

Just a note to say that the free market is not the enemy of working people in Australia. Periodically we see silly articles about ‘neoliberalism’ as the great evil that we all must fight against, that is downgrading our lives etc etc.

In fact the greatest profiteers on the rich side are the ones who OPPOSE the free market. The multimillionaire nightclub owner who demands visa labor to work in his places because he’s horrified of having to pay proper market wages; and the farmers who likewise demand visa slaves who get paid $5 an hour or face deportation. The mining companies that claim a lifetime monopoly stake on our minerals and pay us a lousy royalty of 5% when they feel like it. All the corrupt rentiers getting cushy government contracts from their government mates. The banks (who are really undeclared network monopolies) who use the ‘four pillars’ monopoly to gouge what they can. Software monopolists like Microsoft; network monopolies like Google and Facebook. All the ‘public servants’ (many of whom got their jobs through nepotism and mates) who know they can’t be sacked. And of course the press gallery and the media who consider it their sacred professional duty to suck up to these people (in particular by pushing wage lowering bonded visa immigration- we can’t have market forces raising wages, can we?).

The real, genuine, free market is the best friend ordinary Australians have ever had. Or it would be if it were really allowed to operate, instead of all the rentiers, market-riggers and spivs who have it operating in their own interest instead.

The most important laws, hands down, economically in our country are our competition laws. They should be massively beefed up and strengthened, as should there be a total ban on bonded visa labor slaves. Nobody should be working in Australia who can be threatened with deportation if they quit. That is not work, that is slavery. (Got that, fruit growers?) And our anti corruption laws need a massive boost as well. We’re all getting ripped off blind by the elites who hate free markets and have rigged things accordingly; and our pathetic ‘media’ who cheer it on.


Is Australia worth saving?

Australia has no functioning economy, it just consists of flogging off land and citizenship to benefit narrow elites (university administrators, property developers) while destroying the standard of living for everyone else.

The political parties are now two hollowed out nearly identical organizations, who exist to get cushy jobs for their members and extract ‘donations’ and bribes from property developers to stay in power.

On top of this, our ‘media’ are just useless PR hacks, whose main jobs are to publish government ‘announceables’ (ironically titled ‘exclusives’, as if they ever investigated anything), push higher immigration/visa slaves (the only substantive policy they are allowed to discuss: provided they support it), write crap about their stupid little Canberra bubble workplace (they hate writing about policies- it puts the focus on facts rather than themselves and their little gossipy ‘contacts’) and suck up to the governments (the only reliable advertisers as all other economic activity has collapsed apart from mining and the abovementioned immigration scammers).

Forming a nasty little crust on the top of this society wide boil are our useless public servants; paying themselves grossly inflated salaries while doing nothing but virtue signalling (and sneering at the rest of us for our ‘misogyny’ and racism).

The real problem is, however, the lazy voters, who get easily sucked in by endless media ad campaigns and worthless ‘feel good’ advertising by government and have no sense of the public interest. People respond to incentives, and nothing else: our society has a thin veneer of civilization which barely overrides the selfish lazy free riders who dont give a stuff about anyone but their own interests. Not sure if its worth saving. Damn.


The Press Gallery write urgently-(about themselves).

The Press Gallery have been sent to the center of power of Australia, where, daily , decisions are made which affect millions of people’s lives. And what do the press gallery write about?

Well, here’s a recent article by ABC press gallery journalist Patricia Karvelas which talks about the urgent issue of…well…herself. Her brave fight against ‘misogyny’ etc etc; what the journalists are feeling etc etc.

I’m not sure if the ABC press gallery journalists have realized it yet, but we pay them to report about the news: not themselves. When journalists write about themselves (and the little canberra ‘bubble’ of politicians/journalists and their little dealings and their silly little ‘leadership challenges’ etc etc) then the rest of us are being shortchanged by not hearing about the issues that we sent them there to cover.

One reason that there are so many issues that are unfixed in our society – overcrowded hospitals, underemployment, social breakdown, collapsing environment; the almost toxic corruption evident everywhere; is that nobody bothers to write about them. Maybe the press gallery could possibly, just, if its not too much trouble, start writing about issues instead of themselves?


Press gallery demand deaths- (otherwise its racist)

India is currently experiencing an uncontrolled outbreak of corona virus. People are dying in the streets, there is no oxygen or treatment in the hospitals; there are unprecedented deaths.

Any sensible country would, (like most have done), ban flights from there.  And Australia has.  Our emergency departments cannot cope, (even now, without the virus).  Most of the recent outbreaks from quarantine in Australia have been caused by people from India. And 30% (likely more) of the people trying to board flights from India are positive.  This is easily enough to swamp our quarantine system (which is only a last gasp solution and relies on the fact that most people in it do not have the virus).

But, our elites and media are in confected outraged. How dare we protect people who are already here! How dare we protect our health system!  We must immediately open our borders to all people coming from India  – so they can flood our hospitals (because theirs don’t work).

Note this demand for Indian travel is not a grassroots movement.  It is not driven by the majority of Australians, but rather our elitist, sneering, unlimited immigration, cheap-bonded-labor media (and the Indian diaspora).  The media’s desperate attempts to smear this ban, to spread deaths so they can have their open borders and their revenue, is truly nauseating.  Ordinary Australians, of course, fully support the ban in overwhelming numbers (but you wouldn’t know that from the toxic, biased coverage).

Our elites have departed from their normal view that Australia be flooded with cheap, stressed bonded visa workers to a new low- demanding that we literally give up our lives in favor of their wonderful open borders and ‘diversity’ (aka lowcost submissive labor).

Fairfax and the ABC have been a particular disgrace. Every day, there is a lying article on the Age or the SMH site about the India ban. Firstly, they started by saying that all the Indian travellers were in wonderful health, and its simple racism to not let them come back.  Now, (as the obvious fact that sick people in India are trying to flee to our health system)  stares them in the face, they are running ludicrous articles about people who have tested positive for covid, saying how horrible it is they aren’t allowed to come over here; and how their ‘human rights’ are being affected.

If anyone in the UK or USA tested positive for Covid- they would not be able to fly to Australia. That is simple common sense. But, somehow,  if the people are from India, they have a god given (or media given?) right to simply come over here and do what they like.

This is pure, criminal, racism.  This is racism in its core, most disgusting, form. The media, based on a vile position that people from overseas should be given preference over people already here, are demanding (without any popular support or consent from the people who will die) a wave of deaths. 

Make no mistake, the minute there is any flow to Australia of people from India, there will be thousands of deaths. Deaths of the most vulnerable, of the aged, people with cancer.    And every single one of these deaths will be, (no ifs, no buts), caused by our elitist, open borders, sneering media.  They should be held fully civilly and criminally liable for it. Enough is enough, elites.

Update (6th June). Well, they opened up flights, and, lo and behold, we’ve had a wave of infections and deaths. A look at where the infection spread from leaves no doubt as to its ultimate origin. Hilariously, elite media wrote an article saying ‘It doesn’t matter where it came from’. Yes it does. You guys encouraged it. The guilt is on your hands, elites.


The real agenda

After the non stop campaign by the feminist media (which is all of it, but particularly ABC/Fairfax) of the past two months, we can now see the concrete outcomes and real agenda:

1. No more free speech for anyone- particularly any man who dares criticize a woman.  Basically, Andrew Laming criticized a female, and therefore had to be sacked/publicly shamed/destroyed.  It is ok, of course, for a female to criticize a male but the reverse is misogyny. When trivia merchant ‘journalists’ like Annabel Crabb get criticized for the rubbish they write, there has to be a big public beatup about it.  The simple fact that the ABC’s number one (and likely highest paid) journalist/entertainer virtually never writes about policies but just insider Canberra gossip cannot be mentioned.

2. A series of quotas and overpaid bullshit jobs at public expense to be given to careerist feminist women. No doubt various ‘taskforces’ will be convened, new ‘Offices of Respect’ established with female bureaucrats (none of which can ever be sacked) on 400k a year plus.  As always, the benefits of our noisy public feminism are the elite female plutocrats at the top of the government/media pile, who don’t care and have nothing in common with the ordinary women who pay the taxes for their bloated salaries.

(I just saw a pathetic puff piece ‘profile’ of former federal MP Kate Ellis on the ABC, who (a) told us breathlessly about her ‘shaming’ by vulgar comments (b) but said that she would soldier on and ignore these terrible remarks and (c) oh by the way she’s got some gender-bullshit book out.  So, we only knew about the ‘shaming’ in the first place because she brought it up in her cushy little media interview but we’re not allowed to criticize her or her self promotion because she’s a woman and that’s misogyny!  (She’s also likely, if she keeps her profile up, to be awarded with some bullshit gender job or board position; beats getting a real job I guess))

3. Stupid and unworkable new workplace laws will be introduced to stop ‘bullying’ and ‘harassment’. What they really mean is that the laziest workers will use them as a shield to avoid ever being sacked (or asked to work). They will only apply to the public sector- private sector jobs will continue to collapse due to these crazy laws. So more lazy unsackable public servants are on the way; and more crippling and sclerotic overregulation of an already dead economy.

4. Finally, with our press gallery, there will be no discussion of policies, no discussion of tax, aged care, the environment, insurance or anything else. Its Canberra bubble gossip or its nothing.


Press Gallery’s sexism reaches toxic levels

Consider the below recent pieces, and just think for a moment what would happen had they been written by males about females:

  1. An article (by a former professional femocrat); insisting that all boys schools have female principals appointed. So, all female schools must have female principals, but now all male schools (and possibly mixed schools) also have to have female principals, (otherwise its sexist(!)). This is based on the nonsense meme pushed by Fairfax and the ABC that there is a ‘toxic culture’ at the private male schools.
  • A whinge piece in Fairfax about how nasty male readers are for disagreeing with political journalists such as Annabel Crabb.  Essentially, this piece is arguing that (a) males can never criticize females and (b) females are never unpleasant or nasty to males. An interesting viewpoint, which brings me to point three below:
  • a female writer on Crikey slagging men off for being ‘pale stale and male’ and, then telling men to simply ‘Shut.The.F-ck.Up’. (A male journalist had dared to write and question a few things about the Christian Porter issue)

If any – any-  of the above pieces had been written by men about women (ie demanding male principals for female schools or telling women to “shut.the.f-ck.up” because of their gender) it would be the end of the men’s career. They’d also likely be facing criminal charges under our draconian anti free speech laws. Instead this sexist garbage is celebrated and funded by our toxic media.

Its been two months now since the Canberra staffer matter and the Christian Porter affair hit the media.  The press gallery are still writing about this, this and nothing but this. There is no discussion of policy, of the economy, aged care, floods, natural disasters; nothing. 

Feminism was said to be a quest for equality. Its now far beyond that, into blaming all men for the actions of a few, quotas for women (for bludging-public-sector high paying jobs, not for ordinary ones) ; more media censorship including criminalizing any criticism of women by men (reverse is ok though), new ‘coercive control’ laws that define anyone disagreeing or not giving people money on demand as ‘domestic violence’ (I thought domestic violence had to have- you know- violence in it, but nope) more gender quotas at the ABC (as if it could get any more woke and diversity obsessed than it is now).

When will this toxic sexism stop?  


Exploiting an alleged crime to get what we want

Just a recap: there’s been an allegation of a terrible crime between staffers at Federal parliament.

Note that the action alleged is a crime, has always been a crime, and carries drastic penalties.

Despite the obvious fact that the behavior alleged is illegal, our feminist media (ie all of it), is pretending that somehow these actions are condoned (they are not) that therefore all men and society are guilty, and making the following demands:

  • More money (if its possible to spend more than the literally billions per year) to the domestic violence industry, more intervention orders (even though they are currently given out automatically to everyone who applies)
  • Stupid ‘coercive control’ laws which redefine people disagreeing or swearing at each other or not giving each other enough money as ‘domestic violence’.  By this definition, the feminists pushing this are now all domestic violence perpetrators. (I also thought domestic violence had to have, you know, violence in it; silly me).
  • Idiotic ‘reviews’ by grossly overpaid professional government femocrats about ‘changing the culture’ which really means lots of stupid guidelines about how nobody is to have an argument, and more overpaid government jobs reserved for women (not the lowly paid dangerous ones some men do- they are not interested in those).
  • No doubt an expensive ad campaign is in the works emphasizing how all men are guilty of everything.
  • An ‘office of respect’ to be staffed by unsackable female bureaucrats on 500k a year plus, issuing guidelines and pointless directives to justify their salaries. Any disagreements to be outlawed at the workplace- so that we can have public sector rules (where nobody can be sacked for anything and nobody does any work).
  • Any criticism of women by men to be criminalized and labelled ‘misogyny’ (as it already is now). (The reverse is ok though).
  • No more free speech for anyone. (But then again, we lost that years ago).

Every time a man commits a crime anywhere, all men are guilty, and the collective punishment has to be ratcheted up.  Anyone who criticizes the above madness is a misogynist.