Andrews govt cons media as usual

Well, they’ve done it again. The Andrews govt have shoved through the privatization of Vicroads (even earlier than I thought). Not only will you have to pay massive increased rego etc, but it also looks likely they will introduce road pricing- so that Transurban can now charge tolls on roads that were ours and we have already paid for through our taxes. Whats also interesting is the secretive process here, where there is no real public auction, just a super-quiet trade sale. I wonder why?

Naturally at the same time as this scam was being passed, the Andrews govt made sure to create a few media stunt distractions; idiotic ‘conversion laws’ that will never affect a single person in the state (nor will ever be invoked in litigation) and a bit of indigenous virtue signalling (making needless apologies to the neverending aboriginal complaint industry while making sure to get some good visuals for the nightly TV).

Of course, the media fell hook line and sinker for these ‘announceables’, barely scrutinizing (with a few notable exceptions) the outrageous VicRoads giveaway while giving saturation cover (and a few smug pointless OpEds) to the media stunts. Their gullibility is incredible.

The one off cash boost received by the crooks in the Andrews govt will be quickly wasted on bread and circuses to cover up the fact the state’s broke, and the voters will lap it up (for the few months it lasts). Its an incredible achievement, grab short term stamp duty cash in a population ponzi, flog off the monopoly port, set up a needless monopoly in PEXA, and the Land Titles Office (no more land security) and STILL almost immediately go bankrupt. Well, as long as the bloated parliamentary super gets paid and there’s a few overpaid jobs for mates, all is well.

Just enjoy paying $3,000 yearly rego. and tolls for roads that were already yours for the next 40 years- the media decided it wasn’t important- so it wasn’t!