Australia- the slave state

Well, at least the elites are now being honest with us.

For years, the media/political elites told us that immigration didn’t lower wages, that there were critical ‘skills shortages’ that had to be filled (longer term we need to retrain but in the short term we need special visa workers etc etc).

Fast forward to now with Covid, with wages rising and (shock horror) ordinary Australians getting jobs and the script is thrown away. Suddenly, the elites are all demanding immigration- they dont even pretend its for skilled workers anymore, they want cheaper trolley collectors and nightclub workers. At least the sneering, open bias of our elites for bonded visa labor is out in the open. It was always about cheaper labor, but above all, bonded labor.

It should be remembered there are two types of pro immigration lobbies. The first are the ‘rising tide lift all boats’ people- the property developers, retailers,who want higher population These people are greedy and wrong (Higher pop doesn’t add any more jobs that are taken, migrants-shockingly also age as well. Oh and they tend to occupy houses, pushing up rents and prices).

But far more powerful and vicious, are the bonded labor lobby. These are the people who benefit from visa workers who are tied to jobs- the farmer getting immigrant fruit pickers on $3 per hour, the nightclub owner getting ‘skilled workers’ who can’t quit if they are exploited etc etc, because the penalty for them stopping work is deportation. The employers here have far far more at stake than just generally more people – their whole business model is built on exploitation. They are therefore better known as the slave lobby – the literal slave owners of modern Australia.

Obviously, the commercial media swallow the lies of the slave lobby unquestioningly. But whats far more shocking and vicious is the way the taxpayer funded ABC wholeheartedly supports them. Every week, there is a lying article from ‘ABC rural’ slandering Australians as being too weak to work on farms, and how we desperately needed a bonded labor slave scheme. We’ve even had disgusting articles about how the farmers should help design their own scheme (as if that wont lead to exploitation!)

Ironically, of course, if anyone questions this they are labelled, immediately by our media as ‘racist!’. Our media love to be all modern and progressive by championing higher migration and visa slaves, when all it does is richen their property/university advertisers/farmers and distribute wealth upwards, while destroying the slaves themselves. And how could you be more racist than to import a bonded visa slave with a boss having total control over their body and what that really means. This is vile, 1850s America stuff and the media cheersquad, particularly the ABC, should be ashamed.

We already have two million non citizen workers in Australia. People who have to do what they are told, who are paid $5 per hour in cash, who have to submit to every demand of their employer. We literally now have a class of slaves, cheered on by our sneering media elites (and the greedy slave labor lobbies behind them).

The change in our culture from this bonded labor shift has been profound. Recently, in Melbourne with the toxic storage factory fires, it emerged these toxic dumps were staffed by visa immigrants (and they had been threatened into silence with the threat of deportation). They had chemicals poured on them, their lives destroyed. This is what we’ve come to now. Get paid $5 an hour if your lucky and be doused in chemicals- and if you dont like it you will be deported. We now have a class of workers who literally have no rights but deportation if they displease their owner/employer-master., Slaves working in our midst, just like 1850s USA. Its appalling. The filthy racist vision of our unlimited immigration, visa slave driving ABC and commercial media.

At what point does this start to completely transform our labor market. If its 15% of adult workers being visa slaves now, what of when it rises to 30%, then finally more than half? The slave drivers want no limit to their slaves, and the govt. is cheering them on. White collars have been ok for a while, but now they plan slave bonded visa labor for all sectors even management and professionals!. Will journalists be replaced by slave visa workers? Here’s a link that discussed that. No member of the middle class (what is left of it) is safe from being handed over to slave labor.

It also ironic that the ABC, which never misses an opportunity to report the most biased feminist angle on virtually every story, bends over backwards to cheer on slave labor; leading to exploitation of women a hundred times worse. Lets not get into too much detail here, because thats a very upsetting topic. The ABC should be ashamed.