Australia’s economy: dead from overregulation

Has anyone else noticed there are no more real jobs or real industries in Australia? Every second advertisement we see is some virtue-signalling government nonsense, and most jobs today are simply for drudges to our vastly overregulated state- a compliance officer, a ‘community awareness’ worker, a public sector bureaucrat etc etc.

There are no factories, no manufacturing, no real work. If people commit the crime of (horror of horrors) coming to a free exchange with other people by selling services such as a uber driver or door dash, the press gallery and the state scream ‘wage theft’ and rush to overregulate it, thus shutting these sectors down and putting people out of work. We can’t have free exchange, now can we.

The amount of pointless fiddling is awe inspiring. People whose entire career it is to interpret complex tax laws, so that one activity can be dressed up as another to gain a benefit. People who pass more and more compliance burdens on small business then delight in breaching people for not complying.

And of course,  as our economy groans and collapses under the weight of too many rules; our elites demand the solution- more regulations! What they’ve done so far hasn’t worked, so they need to fiddle more, need to run an awareness campaign. They get particularly furious when ordinary people aren’t doing what they are told. And of course, every bureaucrat needs more assistants.

Our economy is dying, almost dead.  When are we going to stop this?