Free speech dies

Well, they’re at it again.  All the smug media elites are shutting down Donald Trump’s Twitter (imagine the outcry at this attack on free speech in years previous), shutting down a free speech site (Parler), thus proving the brief flowering of the internet (1994-2010 or so) as a open network devoted to free speech has now been fully converted into a bland pointless comments-not-allowed-here festival of approved right-on-bland.

Yes, his fans should have been stopped invading the Capitol. Yes, there comes a point where you have to accept the referees decision about the election.

But the sheer amount of censorship on display by Biden’s smug supporters- now openly proclaiming their bias at every instance, really makes you stop to consider. Closing Twitter accounts?  Shutting down the POTUS twitter account?  Shutting down a free speech twitter site- not just not linking to it from other sites, but literally shutting it down by removing its hosting?  No more free speech for you.

Biden supporters, the New York Times, all the typical media mob have one core, central, conceit. They know better than you.  I think its slowly dawning on people that ‘hate speech’ now means ‘speech we disagree with’. And note that virtually every totalitarian state has started with these same benign intentions- we have to fight hatred, we need to guide things.  We know what’s good for you. No free speech for you.