Fruit Picking: a wage rise would barely affect prices

Just to remind you: About 10% of the price you pay for the cost of fruit and vegetables is the cost of the fruitpicker. So if you pay $3.00 per kilo for tomatoes, 30c is going to the picker. A huge rise in picker payments of 40% would barely raise the price to $3.12. Payments to fruitpickers are a minuscule part of the price of fruit and vegetables.

So please, can we have an end to the endless nonsense carping from farmers and their media mates (including the gullible ABC) about how we have to import eight trillion visa slaves (sorry, ‘workers’) by tomorrow, or fruit and vegetable prices will go through the roof, or ‘we’ll have to plough it back into the ground’ ‘everyone has to adjust to much higher prices’ etc etc?. 

The pathetic prices paid to pickers have virtually no effect on the retail price of fruit and veg, so stop pretending it does.