Is Australia worth saving?

Australia has no functioning economy, it just consists of flogging off land and citizenship to benefit narrow elites (university administrators, property developers) while destroying the standard of living for everyone else.

The political parties are now two hollowed out nearly identical organizations, who exist to get cushy jobs for their members and extract ‘donations’ and bribes from property developers to stay in power.

On top of this, our ‘media’ are just useless PR hacks, whose main jobs are to publish government ‘announceables’ (ironically titled ‘exclusives’, as if they ever investigated anything), push higher immigration/visa slaves (the only substantive policy they are allowed to discuss: provided they support it), write crap about their stupid little Canberra bubble workplace (they hate writing about policies- it puts the focus on facts rather than themselves and their little gossipy ‘contacts’) and suck up to the governments (the only reliable advertisers as all other economic activity has collapsed apart from mining and the abovementioned immigration scammers).

Forming a nasty little crust on the top of this society wide boil are our useless public servants; paying themselves grossly inflated salaries while doing nothing but virtue signalling (and sneering at the rest of us for our ‘misogyny’ and racism).

The real problem is, however, the lazy voters, who get easily sucked in by endless media ad campaigns and worthless ‘feel good’ advertising by government and have no sense of the public interest. People respond to incentives, and nothing else: our society has a thin veneer of civilization which barely overrides the selfish lazy free riders who dont give a stuff about anyone but their own interests. Not sure if its worth saving. Damn.