Intervention orders for all!

Intervention orders- also called Family Violence Orders or Apprehended Violence Orders, are a well known joke.   Developed originally for genuine cases of family violence, they are now given out like water, automatically to whoever applies.

Consequently, people in business disputes now get them as a matter of course, as do feuding neighbors. Don’t get me started about how local councilors take them out on each other based on trivial disputes. And of course they are a prime weapon by fraudsters seeking protection from people making allegations against them; your first defence is to apply for an Intervention order to shut people up.  They are a major force against free speech.

They are also a standard tactic in virtually all Family Law litigation, as a way to increase the amount of settlement money awarded.

Laughably, the feminists who pushed for them (and to make them virtually automatic), are now up in arms that abusive husbands and partners can now automatically obtain them against their female partners. This is what happens when you make the order as a matter of course (regardless of evidence).

There is now a huge infrastructure of people involved in this pointless ritual- the police who hand them out automatically, the court clerks who list the pointless cases- everyone of which results in an order- the magistrates who then make them- the limitless staff involved in the circus. Our court system is useless at getting virtually anything else done or moving- except when it comes to intervention orders.

Which is where we could make a real efficiency here. Simply grant every Australian an intervention order at birth against every other Australian. This would make no difference to the law, because the things that are prevented by intervention orders- not approaching, harassing etc, are things already covered by our ridiculous over-governed (for the little people) state anyway.

The savings in salaries and time would be enormous, and all for the same result!