Make the PR spinners work

There are over two thousand media officers, press agents ‘communication professionals’ and PR officers working in the Victorian Health Department and Health system generally ()lets call them ‘media people’). They earn an average of 150k per year, when you add the on costs (super, benefits, infrastructure) they are each costing us 200k per year.  This is pure waste of 400m a year, for nothing.

None of these media people provide health services. None of them care for the sick, or, for that matter, mop a floor or prepare a bed. They wouldn’t know how to. They are literally parasites, who write out press releases and spin statistics in order to make the health minister look good.  In fact, these media people were used last year in a campaign to lie and misdirect about Victoria’s wave of infection to save the lazy labor health minister’s job – see link here. Their lies cost many lives.

Every single one of these media people should be IMMEDIATELY, without any discussion, at 9am tomorrow, deployed to the front lines as front health care assistant workers. They should be given a mop and bucket and taught to prepare beds, scan the staff, assist orderlies etc, assist patients. If the media people cannot cope, they should be sacked.  These media people are an insult to the rest of us and must be immediately deployed to the front lines. No ifs no buts.