Sixty billion dollars missing in Western Australia- but media not interested

Back in the real world:

The WA treasurer, who’s job it is to tax the miners in that state, refused to lift mining royalties from their lousy 5% rate. Increasing them to a proper rate would have raised them by fifteen billion dollars a year over his four year term.

He’s now walked off to get a lucrative board position – at one of the major mining companies! Kudos for Crikey for actually reporting the real story here. And Michael West news for also reporting on it.

The main press gallery, of course, missed the real story and ignored the obvious issue of politicians going through the revolving door to work for the people they regulate and (under) tax.

Oh well, its only sixty billion dollars in lost revenue total over four years. There’s 2.77m people in WA, so that means every single resident has lost $21,660.

When will we get a proper media in this country that actually writes about stuff like this going on under our noses?