Open borders- the new slavery

Over 250,000 illegal immigrants a month are currently streaming over the USA border. The USA, virtually alone among any functioning (for now) nation on earth, does not guard its border – you are simply allowed to walk across, are detained- then released. Its now estimated there are twenty million illegal immigrants in the USA, shortly to rise to thirty million with even more on the way.

This invasion is being cheered on by both sides of politics- the Democrats (the elites and silicon valley billionaires that run it and fund it love cheap labor and piously preach anti-racism as a way of silencing any discussion of migration) and the Republicans (they love cheap labor straight up). The media are basically ignoring the invasion, because they love it too.

The real losers of this disastrous policy are the American citizens themselves. Whatever weak recovery in the US job market going on now is about to be completely crushed by this cheap worker invasion. The piffling pay rises recently of one or two percent are about to be completely destroyed by a tide of cheap illegal labor dragging wages for everyone (even white collar people) down to unprecedented lows.

Ordinary Americans have been almost totally silenced and intimidated on this issue by the elite media, who scream ‘racism!’ and jump on any American citizen who suggests that, maybe, just, it might be a good idea to enforce the country’s borders; given that the rule of law is meant to apply, and if you dont have borders, you dont have a country. The sneering at the wall is the equivalent of sneering at a homeowner who insists on locking his door.

Of course, the real racists here are the elites (and the media) pushing open borders. They couldn’t give a stuff about the immigrants, except in the most vile way imaginable- they want to exploit them. The same way they get housekeepers for a dollar a day, the same way they get compliant, silent, submissive tech workers on H1B visas working 100 hours a week for $9 per hour (and pretty much have a ‘no citizens’ hiring policy in silicon valley), they are chomping on the bit to exploit these illegal immigrants. Of course, there are other, darker forms of ‘after hours’ exploitation that employers also likely want – but, lets not go there.

Ordinary Americans MUST stand up against their sneering ‘we know whats good for you’ slavemaster elites demanding an open border. A wall should proceed, but more importantly, the border should be enforced (the same way it is enforced in virtually every other country). The elites in the US have now openly turned against the 99% of the legal population – denying them the right to work, denying them fair competition, demanding their country and standard of living be abolished so they can have their wage slave replacements imported. The middle class is a just a memory now for most Americans. America is being invaded and the elites are cheering them on. Will Americans stand up against them?

Quick update (23rd June2021). Nope, this is not the ‘Fox Agenda’. Yes, Fox News (thankfully) is the only media organization paying attention to the border, but its mainly as a way of criticizing Joe Biden; their concern for the worker is wafer thin (in fact it doesn’t really exist). The real issue here is that open borders is an attack on every worker in the US.