Press gallery demand deaths- (otherwise its racist)

India is currently experiencing an uncontrolled outbreak of corona virus. People are dying in the streets, there is no oxygen or treatment in the hospitals; there are unprecedented deaths.

Any sensible country would, (like most have done), ban flights from there.  And Australia has.  Our emergency departments cannot cope, (even now, without the virus).  Most of the recent outbreaks from quarantine in Australia have been caused by people from India. And 30% (likely more) of the people trying to board flights from India are positive.  This is easily enough to swamp our quarantine system (which is only a last gasp solution and relies on the fact that most people in it do not have the virus).

But, our elites and media are in confected outraged. How dare we protect people who are already here! How dare we protect our health system!  We must immediately open our borders to all people coming from India  – so they can flood our hospitals (because theirs don’t work).

Note this demand for Indian travel is not a grassroots movement.  It is not driven by the majority of Australians, but rather our elitist, sneering, unlimited immigration, cheap-bonded-labor media (and the Indian diaspora).  The media’s desperate attempts to smear this ban, to spread deaths so they can have their open borders and their revenue, is truly nauseating.  Ordinary Australians, of course, fully support the ban in overwhelming numbers (but you wouldn’t know that from the toxic, biased coverage).

Our elites have departed from their normal view that Australia be flooded with cheap, stressed bonded visa workers to a new low- demanding that we literally give up our lives in favor of their wonderful open borders and ‘diversity’ (aka lowcost submissive labor).

Fairfax and the ABC have been a particular disgrace. Every day, there is a lying article on the Age or the SMH site about the India ban. Firstly, they started by saying that all the Indian travellers were in wonderful health, and its simple racism to not let them come back.  Now, (as the obvious fact that sick people in India are trying to flee to our health system)  stares them in the face, they are running ludicrous articles about people who have tested positive for covid, saying how horrible it is they aren’t allowed to come over here; and how their ‘human rights’ are being affected.

If anyone in the UK or USA tested positive for Covid- they would not be able to fly to Australia. That is simple common sense. But, somehow,  if the people are from India, they have a god given (or media given?) right to simply come over here and do what they like.

This is pure, criminal, racism.  This is racism in its core, most disgusting, form. The media, based on a vile position that people from overseas should be given preference over people already here, are demanding (without any popular support or consent from the people who will die) a wave of deaths. 

Make no mistake, the minute there is any flow to Australia of people from India, there will be thousands of deaths. Deaths of the most vulnerable, of the aged, people with cancer.    And every single one of these deaths will be, (no ifs, no buts), caused by our elitist, open borders, sneering media.  They should be held fully civilly and criminally liable for it. Enough is enough, elites.

Update (6th June). Well, they opened up flights, and, lo and behold, we’ve had a wave of infections and deaths. A look at where the infection spread from leaves no doubt as to its ultimate origin. Hilariously, elite media wrote an article saying ‘It doesn’t matter where it came from’. Yes it does. You guys encouraged it. The guilt is on your hands, elites.