Public servant payrise

The Andrews government has caved in to the public sector unions and granted state ‘workers’ a 3% payrise.  Great.  One of the most bloated, useless lazy body of public servants, in a state which is basically bankrupt, now going up in pay while the real workers, in the private sector, lose their jobs and go broke.

The Victorian public service is bloated beyond belief with overpaid ‘commissioners’, ’senior executives’ etc all pumping out a vast array of worthless regulations which basically make it impossible for anyone to earn a living in the private sector.  

This is also in a state where there is absolute enforcement of the most pettifogging rules, while the real crooks at the top get away with it. Drive 3km above the speed limit and be fined $300 with drastic enforcement. File a pointless, unread, document two days late and be hit with a $1,000 surcharge.  But, steal 14m from the government while working as a bureaucrat and nothing will happen except a smile and a wave and a golden handshake.  Ordinary taxpayers can see the double standards and they are incensed.

There are incredible stories of waste. The public servant who posted on reddit that his only job for three days was to send one, three line, email. The senior housing ‘bureaucrat’ who enthused about how much money she got from the federal Rudd govt in 2009 but then admitted it was all spent on writing reports, they built nothing and she hadn’t visited a public housing site in all her years in the job.

The other irony is that the public sector in Victoria is a total and utter closed shop. Virtually all jobs in it are reserved for mates and relatives of those already working there, and the ‘interviews’ they conduct for jobs are just for show before they give it to the internal candidate, every time.  So we’re being forced to pay for an exclusive little club that we ourselves can’t join.