The big budget con

The Victorian state budget is out, and as predicted, it’s a massive waste-a-thon.  Billions being spent to (a) keep our useless closed-shop bureaucrats in jobs (so they’ll keep voting labor) while (b) handing out various useless focus group tested virtue signalling bullshit payments to sectional interests.

Naturally, our spoon fed press gallery are in delight, as they’ve been given ‘announceables’ and ‘exclusives’ and they can run the big myth that this is somehow a necessary stimulus rather than being a bloated public sector salary-athon waste.

As usual, people are misunderstanding the Andrews govt, thinking its somehow a ‘progressive’ one, when in fact it’s a far right gang of vicious privatizers, who’ve flogged off the monopoly port, the titles office, handed our road system to Transurban for nothing (and recently caved in pathetically on the tunnel costs overruns) and are about to flog off Vicroads licensing.

The recent rubbish ‘public housing’ announcement promising billions was the usual media managed ‘exclusive’ spoonfed announceable, it will involve flogging off public housing sites on the promise to make 1% of the units built public (and none will be built anyway). (Its necessary to sell off all public housing in order to save it).

Dan Andrews knows that all he has to do is fund a few cheap virtue signalling ‘awareness raising’ ads on TV, noisily appoint some indigenous females and apologize for things that didn’t really happen, and the ABC/Fairfax/SBS press gallery collective will lap it all up as conclusive proof he’s ‘progressive’ when in fact, in the real world, he’s just a privatizing fraudster giving everything away to his rich property developer mates and donors.  (Anything to avoid journalists actually having to analyze or write about policies!).

Anyway, it’s all too late to do anything about this crap.  We’re stuck with the debt for the next hundred years.