The truth- nobody gives a rats

Human beings run on self interest, that’s it.  All of our institutions are run for the benefit of the people in it- they are exercising their self interest.

The world is full of collective action problems, which are unsolvable because nobody will do anything that is against their own desires.

Even you, right now, don’t want to read this, as you are looking out for your own self interest by as you browse this site, and it doesn’t advantage you, in fact it annoys you.

The following problems will never be solved: pollution, climate change, inequality, violence, business monopolies, everything.

Can we please stop being shocked when companies pollute to save money, people do terrible things etc etc. How did it happen? – they worked out they were in their self interest, then they did them.  The end.

When the internet started, I like many had vague hopes that injustice would be exposed and then fought. Injustice was exposed, but unfortunately, nobody gave a rats and either ignored it or rationalized it as not their problem. Self interest rules, so it goes, forever.

Also if you were suddenly made superrich you’d suddenly decide all taxes are evil and start demanding to pay none: so you know you’re just as bad.

Society is a thin mask of public spiritedness, which upon any stress reveals a self collapsing temporary alliance of narcissists.

As to solutions to all of this – there are none. We’re doomed, The End.