The smug ascendancy

Welcome to 2021.  Trump has departed, Biden has arrived.  Here are the new rules:

Everyone must display their virtue, as loudly and as constantly as possible. If you’re not sure how or what to signal (don’t worry, this is a common problem), just watch what everyone else is doing, and just follow and cheer even louder than they are.

Equality is a big buzzword now, as it should be. Lets get as many people into this cause as we can!  Just do note, to work in the Biden administration or campaigns, you’ll pretty much need a high class Ivy League education – we really can’t allow any deadwood through.  Upset? But surely you knew that here on the progressive side of politics we have very strict hierarchies. (Probably a reason why we’re so successful!).

Remember, all immigration is good, and borders are bad. At a time of record unemployment, we just need to ‘staple a green card’ to foreign university graduates so they can work for a designated employer. And boy are they keen workers! (I mean, you would be too, if you were bonded to a particular employer and deportation was hanging over your head).  Anyway, its all good, their silicon valley employers (like you should be) are cheering high immigration to the rooftops!  People who want to control the borders or have American jobs for American workers are, unfortunately, just not patriotic.

From now on, feelings are paramount. Nobody has the right to make anyone else feel bad.   There is a simple test for this. If your speech makes us feel worse in any way, its hate speech and must be censored. Oh, did I say ‘censored’? That’s too harsh. I meant to say, ‘stopped’.  To do this is very simple. We have some very nice people (of the right elite background, as explained above), (carefully selected because they know what’s good for others) to prevent such speech. The main thing is that people can say things we don’t like on Twitter or on the web, and we have to stop it before it starts.  I hope you’ll understand; (even if you don’t, you don’t have a choice in the matter).  This also applies to misogynist comments- which are easily identifiable as they are any statement by a male that a female disagrees with.

We also need to regulate things. Now that offending others and unapproved free speech are (finally) due to become criminal offences there is a drastic need for more laws, (with the necessary committees and bureaucrats to implement them).  Whats fantastic is we already have a built in elite ready and willing to implement them.  The more laws, the better.

Whats also incredible is how Covid totally changed on January 20th 2021! Up to that point, it was a signal government failure, ravaging the land and a bitter indictment of the president. But from January 20th onwards Covid has become primarily a medical issue, and not to be politicized!

Anyway, enjoy the smugness! It may very well turn out to be permanent.