Our media – two awful options

You only get two choices in Australia’s media.

The first choice, ABC/Fairfax/SBS, is wall to wall woke. First there is the non-stop gender crap.  Unless every preselection everywhere goes to a female its sexist. If a male murders their family its dark underlying misogyny, if if a female does it, it was mental health issues. A female ABC journalist is asked out for coffee- (at a distance) and she immediately writes this up as an awful microagression (and its published prominently on the ABC ‘news’ site). The only issue that has happened in Canberra that matters was Brittany  Higgins

Then there is the constant unending focus on the indigenous complaint industry (now compulsorily renamed ‘First Nations’ by the ABC): First we need an apology, then when that’s duly given its rejected and more demands for compensation are made, more money on top of the 33bn a year already wasted and stolen. Oh, and we need a ‘Voice to Parliament’ so we can have more corruption, more money creamed off in corrupt consultancies and start giving preferential votes based on race. You can see more details of how such reporting is enforced at this link.

Your other choice, News Corp is, admittedly, not woke. But it pushes, non stop, total plutocracy. Tax cuts for the rich (or even that the miners should pay no tax), everything is socialism etc etc etc.

But, when it comes to REAL issues, (real economic ones ie, who gets paid what), there is virtually no difference between  Woke (ABC/Fairfax/SBS) and Non Woke (News Corp).  Immigration, a policy which destroys wages and living standards, is uncritically accepted by both sides (particularly bonded immigration, ie importing wage slaves). In fact, ironically the ABC (particularly ABC rural) is more in favor of immigrant wage slaves than even News Corp.

The fake debate (on woke issues only) between the two branches of the media (‘The Australian’ having a go at the ABC, the ABC firing back etc etc, fighting about George Pell etc etc) masks how, when it really comes down to it, on the question of the economy etc, they are really all on the same side.  You can see this when they all gather for the Midwinter Ball and have a fine old time.

Its really no wonder that many people in Australia have nowhere to turn to.  We are sick, sick and tired, of being lectured on the journalists woke journeys insulted with woke crap, sick of the bullshit made-up-in-1976 ‘Welcome to Country’ ceremonies, sick of the fake virtue signalling progressive politicians (with one aboriginal great grandparent, maybe) who wear possum skins (the wrong way around, for the benefit for the ABC/Fairfax cameras) as a one-off to parliament sick of the grandstanding female politicians (with the same policies as the males but who can’t be criticized because of their gender), sick sick sick and tired of being sneered at, being made fun of, being told we’re ‘racist’ for not wanting wages and living standards destroyed, and how we are pale stale and male.

But then we can’t watch Murdoch/News Corp either because that’s all about how grateful we should be for our living standards collapsing, that the mining industry should pay no tax (in fact how we should pay them for the honor of them stealing our minerals), how wonderful our employers are and how there are all these mythical ‘skills shortages’ that demand more visa slaves.

We have nowhere to go. And we are sick and tired of it. A big big boilover is coming. Watch out, elites.


Australian universities are worthless visa selling fraudsters and a way to hide unemployment. Shut them down.

Its really obvious now that Australian Universities are simply visa selling immigration factories, who pretend to educate overseas ‘students’ while creaming off fees, not providing any education and allowing ‘the students’ the right to work for cash and apply for citizenship.  For this reason alone the universities are all corrupt and should be shut down.  And no, they are not exploiting the foreign student revenue because ‘universities had their funding cut’, there were no cuts to speak of (and this talking point anyway reemphasizes how obsessed with money the universities are). The whole ‘edu-migration’ sector has now become an industry in itself with ‘consultancies’ and lobbyists feeding off the money and loudly demanding more cheap labor immigration (dressed up as students).

But the other more major reason our universities exist is often overlooked. They are child minding services to hide unemployment.  Its much cheaper for the govt. to shove someone through a university degree (where you can deny them study allowance) than pay them the dole.  It also leads to a great deal of delusion by the (really unemployed) person that they are achieving something and getting somewhere, wheras in fact they are just screwed.  Its no surprise that the massive rise in university enrolments in the early 1970s accompanied the huge, permanent rise in unemployment.

Its also emerged that the majority of university teaching staff are casuals who are lucky to be earning $10 per hour at best. As universities dominate their education sectors, they actually act as monopoly cartels (as they are, for example, the only organizations that employ literature tutors) who can then hold down the price of labor.  The profits of all of this can then be pushed upstairs to the grossly overpaid Vice Chancellors and administrators.

To sum up, Australian universities:

  • Sell backdoor visas and citizenship
  • Don’t really educate anyone
  • Massively push up population growth
  • Reduce wages for unskilled labor
  • Hold wages down for university tutors etc
  • Distribute funds upwards to grossly overpaid Vice Chancellors etc

Australian universities are worthless corrupt organizations who all should be shut down.


The neverending aboriginal complaint industry rolls on

The latest whine from the neverending aboriginal complaint industry is a ‘payment’ of 100k (per ‘victim’) to members of the ‘stolen generations’ in Victoria.

Naturally there will be a enormous bullshit bureaucracy to oversee all this, full of overpaid public servants and overpriced ‘consultants’ and board members, all members of the indigenous complaint gravy train.

Note that six separate parliamentary inquiries have established that there was no stolen generations in Victoria. There was no policy of child removals based on race. However, the Andrews govt needs a virtue signalling distraction, (and something to keep the media from discussing its privatizations), so stolen generations it is.  And the fawning and uncritical media coverage has proved that to be a wise decision.

Curiously, there has been a massive surge in the number of self declared aboriginies in Australia- (<sarcasm>obviously this would be in no way connected to the explosion of financial benefits available</sarcasm>).  And the number of people now claiming to be from the stolen generations has also exponentially increased in recent years.

When it comes down to a fight between historical accuracy and the ‘vibe’, always go with the vibe.



The Russian aggression against Ukraine is a tragedy for the world and must be resisted.

Can we please not have any of the nonsense about ‘the West’ as being somehow responsible for the Russian invasion, expansion of NATO etc etc. This is a narrative that ignores the key people here- the Ukrainians themselves. ‘The West’ barely exists, it mostly consists of countries who dont really care about anyone else unless they are finally jolted into action (and its usually up to the USA to actually do the right thing (ie ending the war in Bosnia etc)). ‘The West’ really means, at the end of the day, ‘morality’.

The eastern Europeans wanted to expand NATO because they want security. And the Ukrainians have the right to determine their own destiny. And both of these aspirations are completely right and fair. The Russian invasion and massacre must be stopped. Putin is a thug and a murderer.

Finally, I have to say I’ve been watching Fox News (awful) and am very depressed. Its incredible how every one of their stories about Ukraine segues into a rant about ‘oil and gas’ in the USA. They obviously have a script they are being told to stick to. There’s talk of a windfall tax on oil and gas producers in the USA (who are absolutely minting it because of high prices). So out trots Fox news to insist on more oil and gas production (probably a good thing now) but the real message is to undertax it so that the oil and gas companies keep making their super profits at the expense of American consumers. As usual, Fox stands up for the rich guy.


Virginia the snob suffers a microaggression

Grossly overpaid ABC broadcaster and virtue-signalling snob Virginia Trioli has written a piece for the ABC website discussing a ‘microaggression’ she recently suffered.  What happened was (trigger warning!)….. a man asked her out for coffee. 

Yep, she really wrote this, the ABC really thought it was breaking news, and she really thinks she’s been aggrieved. What is even sadder is that all her friends in the little exclusive self congratulatory overpaid circle at the ABC also agree with this, and they all think they too are victims.  We have now hit peak woke.

(Perhaps this man could be arrested, and imprisoned?  The same way they got David Leyonhjelm and ruined his life for committing speech (and likely thought) crime (and Virginia was one of his outraged prosecutors/interrogators) this man that made the insulting coffee invitation could be prosecuted.  (If it turns out he’s physically unattractive, they could add extra to the punishment)).

We can add this to all the other feminist propaganda now pushed, in virtually every story by ABC/Fairfax.  Notably, that all criticism of women is ‘misogyny’; that Grace Tame and Brittany Higgins are secular saints who must be endlessly discussed, the recent fairfax article that said when women attack men (or kill their own families) its because they are mentally ill, (whereas if men commit violence its based on males inherent misogyny and mental health is never an excuse). The ‘pay gap’ (which, awkwardly, disappears when you adjust for part time and stage of career) is real;  oh, and we need new ‘coercive control’ laws which designate any disagreement or refusal to give people money as ‘domestic violence’ (I thought violence had to involve, violence, but nope, not in ABC/Fairfax feminist world).

The other issue here is that this ‘piece’ is being run on the ABC ‘News’ site.  Previously, many years ago, news was about, well, news. Actual events that occurred. Now its all about introspection and personal stories by the extremely overpaid and privileged ‘lifers’ at the ABC. The ABC literally has a ‘content tracker’ which filters and censors all stories to promote indigenous (sorry, ‘first nations’) stories, feminism, diversity etc etc etc.   Its also particularly notable how the press gallery are obsessed with stories that occur in their own precious little bubble- the Brittany Higgins story (the only story pretty much reported on out of Canberra for the past year) etc etc.

Australia is collapsing. We are a total plutocracy now, all income growth goes to the rich, wages are falling, our standard of living is through the floor, our health system is a joke. There are no jobs. And we are not allowed to discuss any of that. We get a choice of ABC/Fairfax, where every story is woke and nothing else or Murdoch media, which isn’t woke, but supports tax cuts for the rich, plutocracy etc etc. When will we have a media that discusses real issues?


St Brittany and St Grace must be endlessly discussed

The media are, as predicted, going crazy over Grace Tame and Britanny Higgins. There is no discussion of anything else. No discussion of the economy, tax, the environment, nothing. Just Saint Grace and Saint Brittany.

Its worthwhile to ask, therefore, what exactly is it they want?
With Grace Tame, her abuser was punished and locked up before the media frenzy. Laws were changed (which had originally been passed by feminists anyway) to allow her to speak out. Should there be more funding of s-x assault/ domestic violence services? Its hard to imagine that, given the billions and billions and billions already thrown at it in funding all over Australia. Make the laws tougher? Its also difficult to understand how many more offences could be created (remembering, of course, that the offender in Grace Tames’ case, was, in fact, locked up). More awareness? S-x Assault/Domestic violence (outside of the aboriginal complaint industry) is the most discussed/advertised topic in Australia (in fact, these topics are pretty much all the media, notably ABC/Fairfax, write about).

Grace Tame’s main demand (as granted by the press gallery), is that she be permanently discussed. Articles (such as the one you’re reading now) are not allowed. She must give press conferences and be given unlimited media attention (with no other topics to be mentioned), otherwise thats’ misogyny. And all sides of the media will give it to her.

Brittany Higgins is also a secular saint who must not be questioned. We must not question the massive employment of staffers, who largely appear to be young, attractive people, who dont seem to do much for their bloated, taxpayer funded salaries. Again, its not clear exactly what any of us must do in regard to her, apart from giving her unlimited media attention (also noting she’s signed a recent, very lucrative, book deal). Any discussion of anything but her or St Grace, is, of course, misogyny.

The media are now set for the upcoming election. It will feature nothing. Nobody’s pointed out the awkward fact that there are no policy differences between the two parties. When nothing is at stake, then what is the point of all the coverage? The media don’t want to talk about policies (this may raise awkward questions of the collapse of the Australian economy, plutocracy etc etc).

ABC/Fairfax etc will focus exclusively, of course, on woke topics like St Grace and St Brittany, the aboriginal complaint industry (sorry, ‘first nations’) etc etc. The Murdoch media will engage in the theatre of opposing woke, and both sides will secretly celebrate the fact they’ve made the election, and public debate, about nothing.


Stories the media missed

Here are some stories our pathetic press gallery haven’t bothered to report on. This is because we only get two choices in Australia- the woke bullshit on the ABC, where every second story is a diversity one, or something about ‘first nations’ etc etc (but nothing about the economy or the real world, because ABC journalists support plutocracy and just do the woke bullshit to virtue signal on the surface) or Sky news, which, while admittedly not woke, is also full of shit and openly supports plutocracy, miners paying no tax etc etc.  Both branches of the media, while getting into fake debates with each other about woke bullshit (the republic, gay marriage etc etc) are really on the same side, (in the actual, real, financial world) and both cheer on unlimited immigration to destroy wages.

The stories the media in Australia missed:

  • Miners were undertaxed by sixty billion dollars (yes, billion with a ‘b’) in Western Australia, and the treasurer who did it went straight off to work for them.  Naturally, the press gallery ignored this, and focused on the distracting woke topic (as pushed by the miners PR agents) that he was the first indigenous mining director etc etc. Pity about the missing sixty billion, but hey, that’s a story in the real world, so not to be discussed.
  • Australia’s natural gas is being given away for nothing. About forty billion a year is being taken out of treasury and the ruling party in Australia has been bribed to say nothing about it. The extractors pay no tax, and never will, and after the initial build, will employ virtually nobody. Forty billion divided by the 25 million people of Australia means we’re all worse off by $1,600 per year, dwarfing any other form of fraud, however, its forty billion real dollars, so no discussion by the media.
  • The latest tax cuts proposed by the Morrison government, universally supported by the media and the labor opposition, will massively and disproportionately go to the rich; people on more than 180k a year, which is really rare in Australia. 
  • There are no ‘skills shortages’ and never have been, such arguments always and everywhere are used to push up unlimited visa migration.

Australia has now transitioned from a country which had some (not much) redistribution of wealth, to the reverse- the rich are taxed nothing and in fact are granted a larger share of wealth (through corruption, monopolies like mining royalties etc) every year by the state.  Its poorer and middle taxpayers who are now forced to pay for virtually everything, the collapsing health system, defence etc etc. We are an open plutocracy- the public education and health systems have become a joke in our lifetimes. The media never report on this – they are either cheering it on (at News Corp) or distracting us with woke rubbish (ABC/SBS/Fairfax).

There are a few honorable exceptions to the above, notably MacroBusiness, Ian Verrender at the ABC and Grogonomics (except for immigration, where he has swallowed the kool aid). Emma Alberici also tried to raise the alarm about tax at the ABC. But other than that, there’s no discussion.


Australian media: trivializing, smug gossip columnists who cheer on plutocracy.

Australia is no longer a democracy and the reason for that is our media. Universally smug, incapable of discussing policies (apart from immigration- which they cheer on unquestioningly) and obsessed with woke, bullshit and trivia (anything to avoid discussing real issues) they are the direct cause of our hopeless, plutocratic, dysfunctional country.

A few years ago, the press gallery, with a straight face, decreed that the ‘story’ of the affair between mining industry glove-puppet Barnaby Joyce and a staffer was the ‘scoop of the year’.   Yep, the press shut their eyes to taxation, the environment, the collapse of the economy etc etc and focused themselves on a bullshit Canberra bubble story, which, in their world, is the most critical issue in the world.

In 2021, the only issue, the only issue, discussed out of Canberra was the staffer assault case. That’s it, folks.  You knew the minute this Canberra bubble story was reported it would be the only thing the press gallery would focus on. It happened in their little world, of the revolving door of staffers and media advisers and ‘journalists’.  (We could perhaps question the cult of staffers generally being young attractive people of the opposite gender of the ministers, and the worth of their salaries to the taxpayers, but we’re not allowed to bring this up, so we wont).

At this point, our media are just clowns, idiots who trivialize everything and avoid talking about policies. The only ‘issues’ discussed are on woke topics- diversity, gender, aboriginal (sorry ‘first nations’ now), gay marriage, the republic etc etc etc. These topics, of course, have no bearing on the plutocratic Australian economy but provide the illusion of democracy and endless debate. And then you have journalists (on the public payroll) writing about themselves regarding woke topics. One woke topic- immigration – does have an effect on plutocracy, as high immigration crushes wages and living standards, so the journalists, unanimously, are in favor of it (which makes them feel all wise and progressive whilst serving the interests of the rich).

While demanding others’ wages should be lowered in Australia through immigration, journalists are curiously reticent to discuss how they obtained their jobs. A very revealing article was published in 2005, listing all the nepotism in journalism in Australia.  It seems that more than half the journalists in Australia got their jobs from having family contacts.  In particular there is a notable Fairfax columnist, who regularly witters on about equality and merit etc etc, who appears to have gotten her start from family connections on this list.

And that ultimately what the media and the press gallery are; an exclusive little club, sneering at the rest of us, preaching high immigration to keep wages down and telling us how wonderful plutocracy is.  Good for their paymasters- bad for us.


Victoria- an insolvent failed state

The above heading is no exaggeration. Victoria has now collected deficits of 10bn for the year ending 2020, 15bn for 2021, and is on track for a deficit of another 15bn for 2022. That’s an aggregated deficit of $6,000 for every Victorian citizen on top of the already massive state debt and growing by 3k per person a year.  Note, despite the spin by the media, this is not due to the pandemic- the state was hopelessly broke well before the virus.

The state has been propped up for years on a population scam- importing foreign ‘students’ (really cut price visa workers buying citizenship) who send most of their cash earnings home, and importing permanent residents who pay (if we are lucky) 30k each upfront in stamp duty, whilst then demanding 600k in lifetime infrastructure (most of which cant and wont be built because it can’t be afforded). If you can see the mathematical problem here, you’re not alone.

Melbourne, through the population scam, has gone from having some of the best, least crowded infrastructure in the world to being a crush loaded dump.

At the same time the Vic govt has run a short term population ponzi, it has flogged off most of the remaining state assets left after Jeff Kennett. The titles office has been flogged off, the Port of Melbourne as well now Vicroads (every public road in the state was privatized on the quiet in 2021).  These are monopolies that we are forced to use (unless we never deal in land, never import anything and never drive on roads).

It’s a remarkable fraud. Had Jeff Kennett tried to sell the titles office, all public roads and the port, there would have been an outcry. But all it took was a few labor campaign spin doctors, a few wobbling chins virtue signalling with press announceables about social justice, apologizes to a stolen generation that didn’t actually occur in Victoria, and the ABC/Fairfax journalists were all delirious with delight, happy to bless State Labor as all ‘progressive’ while it flogged everything off to its private sector mates.

Why is it that the state debt crisis, which is about five times (even allowing for population and inflation etc) bigger than the Kirner crisis of 1992, is not a bigger story? 

Because both sides are in on it. When John Cain and Joan Kirner blew the budget (minorly) in the late 80s/early 90s, they spent it on teachers and public works etc, all matters opposed by the conservatives

Now, the spending is basically bipartisan, its on giving Transurban whatever they want, the various construction companies that make ‘donations’ to both sides, the huge consultancy giants sucking up more and more government revenue for useless reports etc. The state liberal/labor/national parties are just hollowed out identical gangs of scamsters acting as fronts for property developer donations, seeking board positions and ‘consultancies’ with all the crooks donors when they leave power. So they are happy to all be on the endless gravy train to give themselves a rich retirement, while keeping quiet about all the corruption etc.

Oddly, there is still an army of public servants in Victoria, in fact there are more of them every year, together with endless ‘commissioners’; all producing useless annual reports, running diversity awareness seminars and never doing any real work. None of them can be sacked, anyway, and they know it, so they endlessly take ‘stress leave’ etc etc, while leaving the remaining work to the gullible few who think its honorable to work rather than just receive a salary for nothing. Most of the ‘work’, of course, is meaningless make work slop- writing implementation reports etc etc, organizing ‘diversity days’, as the state long ago flogged off any real productive assets (like train workshops etc etc).  Please, don’t bother to apply for any jobs with these agencies, as you’ll soon learn all jobs in the public sector are ringfenced totally and absolutely for mates and relatives of those already in them, for life. 

The whole thing will crash, is crashing, fully and totally. The public servants can’t be sacked (in fact they aren’t even prosecuted for theft). There’s not much left to privatize and of course there’s no revenue coming in from state businesses any more as they’ve all been sold.

Luckily, we’ve got the media, notably ABC/Fairfax, fawning over the ‘progressive’ Andrews govt and not discussing the hopeless debt situation,  or the complete and utter privatizing fraud and corruption of what is really going on.

These media are easily tricked: a press release is issued regarding the (non existent in Victoria) ‘stolen generations’ issue ; the media rush to the ‘announceable’; a few possum skins are worn (for the benefit of the ABC/Age cameras); a few fake tears are shed and -voila! – the state is progressive! (regardless of what is actually going on the real, economic, world).  And of course, all of the media, to a person, universally preaches ‘that we have to restart immigration’ (so they can keep the population ponzi scam going a few more years. feed the millionaire plus Vice Chancellors and keep wages down and slave labor up).

The state will collapse into debt, it’s happening now, unlike private debt, public debt falls upon the citizens.  This, more than any rise in interest rates, is what will permanently hammer house prices and living standards in Victoria for generations to come.

But, the above is a real issue, in the real world, so please don’t expect to read about it in the media.


Woke ABC rubbish is there to distract us

The ABC ‘news’ website (and Fairfax) is a non stop diet of woke.  The neverending Aboriginal (sorry, ‘first nations’) complaint industry, gender this, diversity that, all immigration is wonderful etc etc etc. They have a policy of having these woke stories prominently displayed always on the site.

The reason for all the woke is that the ABC (and journalists in general) simply doesn’t want to discuss policies in the real world. It doesn’t want to discuss falling wages, how Australia is a plutocracy, rule by the rich and miners who pay no tax etc etc. So it endlessly discusses diversity and woke issues to give the impression of a vigorous democracy, while supporting policies that lead to collapsing wages and rule by the rich (notably immigration, which achieves this perfectly).

The ABC gets into fake debates with News Corporation, Sky news etc etc, who accuse the ABC of having ‘leftist bias’ (because of all their woke bullshit), which then allows all media companies to argue over pointless bullshit issues – woke, the republic, gay marriage etc etc, while, in the real world, wages collapse, immigration decimates earnings and the rich get richer and richer without ever paying any tax.  This fake bullshit woke debate is exactly what all branches of the media want: anything to avoid talking about the real issues.

The woke distraction circus is particularly notable in Victoria. Here you have a premier who’s flogged off the monopoly port, flogged off the titles office, has just flogged off Vicroads, has privatized things Jeff Kennett would never touch, but has got all the media chattering morons talking about stupid ‘discrimination’ laws that will never have any applicability in the real world. The ABC/Age champion him as a hero, the HeraldSun as ‘Socialist Dan’; when in fact he’s just a far right privatizing fraudster flogging things off to his private business mates with a few little virtue signalling media distractions for the media morons.

The smug, overpaid, sneering, unsackable pigs at the ABC, and their (in the real world) friends at News Corp, the press gallery trivia merchants and the IPA etc all essentially have the same agenda, to destroy wages, to push unlimited immigration and keep Australia as a plutocracy. They all have a good laugh at the Midwinter Ball, as they reflect on the pointless show they produce. They must be stopped.