Exploiting an alleged crime to get what we want

Just a recap: there’s been an allegation of a terrible crime between staffers at Federal parliament.

Note that the action alleged is a crime, has always been a crime, and carries drastic penalties.

Despite the obvious fact that the behavior alleged is illegal, our feminist media (ie all of it), is pretending that somehow these actions are condoned (they are not) that therefore all men and society are guilty, and making the following demands:

  • More money (if its possible to spend more than the literally billions per year) to the domestic violence industry, more intervention orders (even though they are currently given out automatically to everyone who applies)
  • Stupid ‘coercive control’ laws which redefine people disagreeing or swearing at each other or not giving each other enough money as ‘domestic violence’.  By this definition, the feminists pushing this are now all domestic violence perpetrators. (I also thought domestic violence had to have, you know, violence in it; silly me).
  • Idiotic ‘reviews’ by grossly overpaid professional government femocrats about ‘changing the culture’ which really means lots of stupid guidelines about how nobody is to have an argument, and more overpaid government jobs reserved for women (not the lowly paid dangerous ones some men do- they are not interested in those).
  • No doubt an expensive ad campaign is in the works emphasizing how all men are guilty of everything.
  • An ‘office of respect’ to be staffed by unsackable female bureaucrats on 500k a year plus, issuing guidelines and pointless directives to justify their salaries. Any disagreements to be outlawed at the workplace- so that we can have public sector rules (where nobody can be sacked for anything and nobody does any work).
  • Any criticism of women by men to be criminalized and labelled ‘misogyny’ (as it already is now). (The reverse is ok though).
  • No more free speech for anyone. (But then again, we lost that years ago).

Every time a man commits a crime anywhere, all men are guilty, and the collective punishment has to be ratcheted up.  Anyone who criticizes the above madness is a misogynist.