The neverending aboriginal complaint industry rolls on

The latest whine from the neverending aboriginal complaint industry is a ‘payment’ of 100k (per ‘victim’) to members of the ‘stolen generations’ in Victoria.

Naturally there will be a enormous bullshit bureaucracy to oversee all this, full of overpaid public servants and overpriced ‘consultants’ and board members, all members of the indigenous complaint gravy train.

Note that six separate parliamentary inquiries have established that there was no stolen generations in Victoria. There was no policy of child removals based on race. However, the Andrews govt needs a virtue signalling distraction, (and something to keep the media from discussing its privatizations), so stolen generations it is.  And the fawning and uncritical media coverage has proved that to be a wise decision.

Curiously, there has been a massive surge in the number of self declared aboriginies in Australia- (<sarcasm>obviously this would be in no way connected to the explosion of financial benefits available</sarcasm>).  And the number of people now claiming to be from the stolen generations has also exponentially increased in recent years.

When it comes down to a fight between historical accuracy and the ‘vibe’, always go with the vibe.