Make the PR spinners work

There are over two thousand media officers, press agents ‘communication professionals’ and PR officers working in the Victorian Health Department and Health system generally ()lets call them ‘media people’). They earn an average of 150k per year, when you add the on costs (super, benefits, infrastructure) they are each costing us 200k per year.  This is pure waste of 400m a year, for nothing.

None of these media people provide health services. None of them care for the sick, or, for that matter, mop a floor or prepare a bed. They wouldn’t know how to. They are literally parasites, who write out press releases and spin statistics in order to make the health minister look good.  In fact, these media people were used last year in a campaign to lie and misdirect about Victoria’s wave of infection to save the lazy labor health minister’s job – see link here. Their lies cost many lives.

Every single one of these media people should be IMMEDIATELY, without any discussion, at 9am tomorrow, deployed to the front lines as front health care assistant workers. They should be given a mop and bucket and taught to prepare beds, scan the staff, assist orderlies etc, assist patients. If the media people cannot cope, they should be sacked.  These media people are an insult to the rest of us and must be immediately deployed to the front lines. No ifs no buts. 


Australia is a plutocracy

There has been an odd campaign in the western media for conflict with China since about 2019. Banners called ‘World War 3’ in online news sites etc etc. Why now?  

Its not because China is becoming more powerful- it is, but its on the same trajectory its been since the 1980s. Its rise is not unexpected. And its been a superpower since at least the year 2000.

And its not because China is becoming more aggressive; again, that was baked into the expectation of them becoming more powerful.

It is because China is swinging back toward communism.  Not fully, but they are interfering in the private market (billionaires being executed,  education industries being nationalized). And this is not permitted to happen by our elites.

Lets not have any illusions here, communism is a failed awful system which results in misery, mass killings and rule by bureaucrats.

But lets also not have any delusions about our hopeless system here. Australia is a plutocracy. Its run by the rich for the rich.  There is no redistribution – we get back in taxes what we pay out, begrudgingly.  The rich pay barely any tax- the miners next to nothing (unless you count the pathetic 5% royalties they sometimes pay and sometimes don’t.  And they don’t mind rewarding ‘labor’ treasurers for undertaxing them either).  Upward mobility has been a joke for forty years.

And now, the ordinary people of Australia are being forced to pay higher taxes and run higher deficits to pay for lavish defence spending, while our thieving rich (like 40bn thief Gina Rinehart, who is simply granted a government monopoly license over our minerals for a pathetic five percent royalty (no free market there) and usually pays no tax whatsoever). And of course, if China or anyone ever invaded, a self protecting bacillus like the Rinehart family would be the first to arrange terms with the invaders so they could keep their unearthed government provided wealth.

There are no real jobs, and no real industries. Remember all the talk about being ‘the clever county’? Always a joke. The signs of ruin and decay are all around.  Drug dealing, which I always view as a destructive and aberrant behavior (and still do) is now becoming literally the sole form of productive income for people in some areas, because there are no jobs.

Of course, layered over the top of this are our sneering media elites, constantly reporting about trivia and private life bubble bullshit from Canberra, or cheering on immigration to lower wages. Naturally, if there’s ever a serious proposal to reduce inequality or actually tax rich people they quickly close ranks to shut it down (see Mining Tax 2010 for further evidence).

Hospitals are collapsing, public schools are a joke, and the few stragglers with any assets desperately shove them into housing (the only investment- a passive and unproductive one, of course) that has any return in this country.

Australians are a collection of zombies who were told to do (and did!)  the right thing, now walking around in shock at the total rejection and failure in their lives.

So, go ahead and criticize China for going communist etc. But lets not pretend that the plutocratic alternative we’ve got is anything but ratshit.