The real agenda

After the non stop campaign by the feminist media (which is all of it, but particularly ABC/Fairfax) of the past two months, we can now see the concrete outcomes and real agenda:

1. No more free speech for anyone- particularly any man who dares criticize a woman.  Basically, Andrew Laming criticized a female, and therefore had to be sacked/publicly shamed/destroyed.  It is ok, of course, for a female to criticize a male but the reverse is misogyny. When trivia merchant ‘journalists’ like Annabel Crabb get criticized for the rubbish they write, there has to be a big public beatup about it.  The simple fact that the ABC’s number one (and likely highest paid) journalist/entertainer virtually never writes about policies but just insider Canberra gossip cannot be mentioned.

2. A series of quotas and overpaid bullshit jobs at public expense to be given to careerist feminist women. No doubt various ‘taskforces’ will be convened, new ‘Offices of Respect’ established with female bureaucrats (none of which can ever be sacked) on 400k a year plus.  As always, the benefits of our noisy public feminism are the elite female plutocrats at the top of the government/media pile, who don’t care and have nothing in common with the ordinary women who pay the taxes for their bloated salaries.

(I just saw a pathetic puff piece ‘profile’ of former federal MP Kate Ellis on the ABC, who (a) told us breathlessly about her ‘shaming’ by vulgar comments (b) but said that she would soldier on and ignore these terrible remarks and (c) oh by the way she’s got some gender-bullshit book out.  So, we only knew about the ‘shaming’ in the first place because she brought it up in her cushy little media interview but we’re not allowed to criticize her or her self promotion because she’s a woman and that’s misogyny!  (She’s also likely, if she keeps her profile up, to be awarded with some bullshit gender job or board position; beats getting a real job I guess))

3. Stupid and unworkable new workplace laws will be introduced to stop ‘bullying’ and ‘harassment’. What they really mean is that the laziest workers will use them as a shield to avoid ever being sacked (or asked to work). They will only apply to the public sector- private sector jobs will continue to collapse due to these crazy laws. So more lazy unsackable public servants are on the way; and more crippling and sclerotic overregulation of an already dead economy.

4. Finally, with our press gallery, there will be no discussion of policies, no discussion of tax, aged care, the environment, insurance or anything else. Its Canberra bubble gossip or its nothing.