Our media – two awful options

You only get two choices in Australia’s media.

The first choice, ABC/Fairfax/SBS, is wall to wall woke. First there is the non-stop gender crap.  Unless every preselection everywhere goes to a female its sexist. If a male murders their family its dark underlying misogyny, if if a female does it, it was mental health issues. A female ABC journalist is asked out for coffee- (at a distance) and she immediately writes this up as an awful microagression (and its published prominently on the ABC ‘news’ site). The only issue that has happened in Canberra that matters was Brittany  Higgins

Then there is the constant unending focus on the indigenous complaint industry (now compulsorily renamed ‘First Nations’ by the ABC): First we need an apology, then when that’s duly given its rejected and more demands for compensation are made, more money on top of the 33bn a year already wasted and stolen. Oh, and we need a ‘Voice to Parliament’ so we can have more corruption, more money creamed off in corrupt consultancies and start giving preferential votes based on race. You can see more details of how such reporting is enforced at this link.

Your other choice, News Corp is, admittedly, not woke. But it pushes, non stop, total plutocracy. Tax cuts for the rich (or even that the miners should pay no tax), everything is socialism etc etc etc.

But, when it comes to REAL issues, (real economic ones ie, who gets paid what), there is virtually no difference between  Woke (ABC/Fairfax/SBS) and Non Woke (News Corp).  Immigration, a policy which destroys wages and living standards, is uncritically accepted by both sides (particularly bonded immigration, ie importing wage slaves). In fact, ironically the ABC (particularly ABC rural) is more in favor of immigrant wage slaves than even News Corp.

The fake debate (on woke issues only) between the two branches of the media (‘The Australian’ having a go at the ABC, the ABC firing back etc etc, fighting about George Pell etc etc) masks how, when it really comes down to it, on the question of the economy etc, they are really all on the same side.  You can see this when they all gather for the Midwinter Ball and have a fine old time.

Its really no wonder that many people in Australia have nowhere to turn to.  We are sick, sick and tired, of being lectured on the journalists woke journeys insulted with woke crap, sick of the bullshit made-up-in-1976 ‘Welcome to Country’ ceremonies, sick of the fake virtue signalling progressive politicians (with one aboriginal great grandparent, maybe) who wear possum skins (the wrong way around, for the benefit for the ABC/Fairfax cameras) as a one-off to parliament sick of the grandstanding female politicians (with the same policies as the males but who can’t be criticized because of their gender), sick sick sick and tired of being sneered at, being made fun of, being told we’re ‘racist’ for not wanting wages and living standards destroyed, and how we are pale stale and male.

But then we can’t watch Murdoch/News Corp either because that’s all about how grateful we should be for our living standards collapsing, that the mining industry should pay no tax (in fact how we should pay them for the honor of them stealing our minerals), how wonderful our employers are and how there are all these mythical ‘skills shortages’ that demand more visa slaves.

We have nowhere to go. And we are sick and tired of it. A big big boilover is coming. Watch out, elites.


Australian universities are worthless visa selling fraudsters and a way to hide unemployment. Shut them down.

Its really obvious now that Australian Universities are simply visa selling immigration factories, who pretend to educate overseas ‘students’ while creaming off fees, not providing any education and allowing ‘the students’ the right to work for cash and apply for citizenship.  For this reason alone the universities are all corrupt and should be shut down.  And no, they are not exploiting the foreign student revenue because ‘universities had their funding cut’, there were no cuts to speak of (and this talking point anyway reemphasizes how obsessed with money the universities are). The whole ‘edu-migration’ sector has now become an industry in itself with ‘consultancies’ and lobbyists feeding off the money and loudly demanding more cheap labor immigration (dressed up as students).

But the other more major reason our universities exist is often overlooked. They are child minding services to hide unemployment.  Its much cheaper for the govt. to shove someone through a university degree (where you can deny them study allowance) than pay them the dole.  It also leads to a great deal of delusion by the (really unemployed) person that they are achieving something and getting somewhere, wheras in fact they are just screwed.  Its no surprise that the massive rise in university enrolments in the early 1970s accompanied the huge, permanent rise in unemployment.

Its also emerged that the majority of university teaching staff are casuals who are lucky to be earning $10 per hour at best. As universities dominate their education sectors, they actually act as monopoly cartels (as they are, for example, the only organizations that employ literature tutors) who can then hold down the price of labor.  The profits of all of this can then be pushed upstairs to the grossly overpaid Vice Chancellors and administrators.

To sum up, Australian universities:

  • Sell backdoor visas and citizenship
  • Don’t really educate anyone
  • Massively push up population growth
  • Reduce wages for unskilled labor
  • Hold wages down for university tutors etc
  • Distribute funds upwards to grossly overpaid Vice Chancellors etc

Australian universities are worthless corrupt organizations who all should be shut down.


The neverending aboriginal complaint industry rolls on

The latest whine from the neverending aboriginal complaint industry is a ‘payment’ of 100k (per ‘victim’) to members of the ‘stolen generations’ in Victoria.

Naturally there will be a enormous bullshit bureaucracy to oversee all this, full of overpaid public servants and overpriced ‘consultants’ and board members, all members of the indigenous complaint gravy train.

Note that six separate parliamentary inquiries have established that there was no stolen generations in Victoria. There was no policy of child removals based on race. However, the Andrews govt needs a virtue signalling distraction, (and something to keep the media from discussing its privatizations), so stolen generations it is.  And the fawning and uncritical media coverage has proved that to be a wise decision.

Curiously, there has been a massive surge in the number of self declared aboriginies in Australia- (<sarcasm>obviously this would be in no way connected to the explosion of financial benefits available</sarcasm>).  And the number of people now claiming to be from the stolen generations has also exponentially increased in recent years.

When it comes down to a fight between historical accuracy and the ‘vibe’, always go with the vibe.