Woke ABC rubbish is there to distract us

The ABC ‘news’ website (and Fairfax) is a non stop diet of woke.  The neverending Aboriginal (sorry, ‘first nations’) complaint industry, gender this, diversity that, all immigration is wonderful etc etc etc. They have a policy of having these woke stories prominently displayed always on the site.

The reason for all the woke is that the ABC (and journalists in general) simply doesn’t want to discuss policies in the real world. It doesn’t want to discuss falling wages, how Australia is a plutocracy, rule by the rich and miners who pay no tax etc etc. So it endlessly discusses diversity and woke issues to give the impression of a vigorous democracy, while supporting policies that lead to collapsing wages and rule by the rich (notably immigration, which achieves this perfectly).

The ABC gets into fake debates with News Corporation, Sky news etc etc, who accuse the ABC of having ‘leftist bias’ (because of all their woke bullshit), which then allows all media companies to argue over pointless bullshit issues – woke, the republic, gay marriage etc etc, while, in the real world, wages collapse, immigration decimates earnings and the rich get richer and richer without ever paying any tax.  This fake bullshit woke debate is exactly what all branches of the media want: anything to avoid talking about the real issues.

The woke distraction circus is particularly notable in Victoria. Here you have a premier who’s flogged off the monopoly port, flogged off the titles office, has just flogged off Vicroads, has privatized things Jeff Kennett would never touch, but has got all the media chattering morons talking about stupid ‘discrimination’ laws that will never have any applicability in the real world. The ABC/Age champion him as a hero, the HeraldSun as ‘Socialist Dan’; when in fact he’s just a far right privatizing fraudster flogging things off to his private business mates with a few little virtue signalling media distractions for the media morons.

The smug, overpaid, sneering, unsackable pigs at the ABC, and their (in the real world) friends at News Corp, the press gallery trivia merchants and the IPA etc all essentially have the same agenda, to destroy wages, to push unlimited immigration and keep Australia as a plutocracy. They all have a good laugh at the Midwinter Ball, as they reflect on the pointless show they produce. They must be stopped.