Woke bullshit wrecks our lives

The ABC, Fairfax, and most of the major media now are overrun with ‘woke’ topics- LGBT, gay marriage, the indigenous complaint industry, diversity, gender issues etc etc.   There is no discussion of anything else. There is no discussion of income inequality. There is no discussion of wages.  There is no discussion of taxation or corruption. There is just woke.

This has real consequences.  A good example was the WA treasurer, who undertaxed the miners by sixty billion dollars in that state, then immediately waltzed off to work- for a major WA mining company! And, naturally, all the press gallery ignored this conflict of interest and wrote fawningly about the ‘first indigenous mining director’ etc etc, just like the mining company PR release wanted them to.

The plutocrats and elites who rule us are delighted at the woke agenda.  It suits them perfectly. Large companies can loudly wring their hands in public about diversity, indigenous issues etc etc while, in the real world, paying no tax, getting free diesel, hiring immigrant farm slaves on $3 per hour, paying their board member mates 20m a year for nothing, polluting as they please etc etc.  The woke really are useful idiots for the superrich.

Actually, I’m being slightly too hard on the media, because there is ONE economic issue they do write about. That issue is immigration. They are all for it, fully and totally.  They, of course, kid themselves they are being all wise, progressive and woke by supporting it, when in fact they are supporting the greedy building , immigration and farmer lobbies, while forcibly holding down wages, supporting modern slavery (notably on farms) and destroying living standards.

The focus on ‘woke’ issues by our economic elites explains the contradiction of us sliding further and further into poverty for the 99.9% and plutocracy, while feeling we are in a ‘liberal’ ascendancy.  The more virtue signalling and smugness on our screens, the more poverty and awfulness in our real lives.

As we are forced to live in overcrowded cities, as our jobs and wages collapse to almost negative levels, as our hospitals simply fail to work at all…….well, our boards are diverse, and we got to vote on gay marriage and the republic- so its all ok!!!!