Victoria really is broke

Further to my post of last year– Victoria is financially insolvent. It had a deficit of 10bn for 2019-2020, and the deficit for 2020-2021 has come in at 14.9bn. Thats a cumulative deficit of nearly 25bn, or a current shortfall of $4,000 for every man woman and child in the state (also likely increasing by $2,000 per year). There is no way we can pay that off. Even if you tripled the immigration scam (which involves us grabbing 50k upfront from each migrant, but then having to deliver each extra person 500k in extra infrastructure over their lifetime – can you see the flaw in this plan?). And we’re now being squeezed anyway by the tidal wave of immigration we’ve had since 2005 (the one off payment has been banked, and these immigrants- who knew- are using up roads, hospitals and other infrastructure).

Its really bizarre. The state has flogged virtually all of what remained of its core assets- the Titles Office, set up PEXA a compulsory settlement scheme (and there are still real questions to be asked into how that was set up). Its privatized the monopoly port and now even VicRoads, and we look like setting up private road charging (Gee I wonder which large roads provider they’ll pick to toll us on roads already built?).

At the same time as this vicious far right privatization, we have also hired (and are sill hiring) an army of largely useless public servants. What they do is a mystery given most functions of government have been flogged off, what they main seem to do is virtue signal constantly while bringing in more ‘implementation plans’ and hire worthless $300 per hour consultants who steal your watch to tell you the time. There is nothing left for these bureaucrats to do (apart from create work for each other) yet they are still employed. Don’t bother applying for a job for them, however, as all jobs are ringfenced for their mates and relatives.

Oh well, as long as the wage and super are paid, what dues the lazy public servant care? They know they can’t be sacked.

We are bombarded with pointless feelgood ads from the Daniel Andrews government. Again, given they have flogged off virtually every aspect of government, what is it exactly they are trying to signal? A more accurate ad would be ‘Victoria. We’ve flogged off the Port, the Titles office, now the roads- but we’ve got wobbling chins when we do it so thats ok’.

Don’t think that there will be a natural reaction to all this, with mass sackings/spending cuts/or tax rises to pay for it all . Remember, there is no wise base of citizens who realize that you actually have to eventually balance the books. Everyone just acts in their own self interest, whinges about tax while voting themselves more and more largesse and jobs from the public purse; like lab rats pushing on a lever to get drugs until they die of it.

An absolute almighty bust is coming. Victoria is broke beyond words.


The hatred that openly speaks its name

Warning. There’s normally a level of smug dismissiveness in articles about men who are single, who don’t want to be (pejoratively called ‘incels’) by the ‘woke’ media (ie most of it), but this piece on the (taxpayer funded) ABC website really takes the cake.

Just to remind you before you read it, we are talking about men who are unable to get dates with women who are resorting to surgery to make themselves look better. That’s it. That’s their crime. They correctly twigged to the fact that the dominant quality in getting a woman is physical appearance and they’re trying to do something about it.

And for this they are labelled ‘incels’ and ‘creeps’ and other horrible things, all because they’re trying to improve their chances of a date by changing how they look (‘how you look’ of course being, (when people are honest) the main way dates are obtained). If you are ugly, you can forget it, as the bitter but accurate song goes.

What the sneering, mainly female, commentators don’t realize, but ironically these men have, is that the real division in our society is not between men and women, but between pretty people and the ugly. According to the pretty people, ugly people should be happy with their lot. That is, happy being permanently single, happy to see other partner up and have children. Happy being the lowest on the social totem pole, the first to be fired, the last to be hired. The people at high school were right! Please just accept their decision!

Just you uglies hurry up and mentally adjust to dying alone.

And can we please please not have any of that crap that if you ‘fix your personality’ you’ll suddenly get more dates. People (both genders) don’t want personality- they want prettiness. This has been proved over and over again in study after study. People who never marry, don’t have kids, are overwhelmingly physically unattractive people. (Maybe the mockers see this as a good thing?) People pour a huge amount into being pretty, they pour zilch into becoming less attractive. Again, people of both genders. They do this because they know this is the only way to have success.

But the hypocrisy will go on. We’ll still make sure all who appear on TV are attractive. Those same people will deny up hill and down dale that they possess anything special -when they do. The rest of us will know the truth.

The real division in our society is between the pretty people, at the top, and the ugly people, at the bottom. The pretty people make far more money, are far advantaged in the job market, and are far more likely to start families. This is a far far bigger divisor than gender. The rest of us, according to the critics, should stop trying to do anything about our ugliness, apparently, because, well, its just wrong to attempt to have some of the same advantages that our pretty overlords were born with.

Well, I have news for them. Anyone with functioning eyesight can see the only way forward for many people is plastic surgery. And for ugly people, of all genders, to be mocked for trying to improve their appearances, when they have no other alternative, is beyond vile.


The truth- nobody gives a rats

Human beings run on self interest, that’s it.  All of our institutions are run for the benefit of the people in it- they are exercising their self interest.

The world is full of collective action problems, which are unsolvable because nobody will do anything that is against their own desires.

Even you, right now, don’t want to read this, as you are looking out for your own self interest by as you browse this site, and it doesn’t advantage you, in fact it annoys you.

The following problems will never be solved: pollution, climate change, inequality, violence, business monopolies, everything.

Can we please stop being shocked when companies pollute to save money, people do terrible things etc etc. How did it happen? – they worked out they were in their self interest, then they did them.  The end.

When the internet started, I like many had vague hopes that injustice would be exposed and then fought. Injustice was exposed, but unfortunately, nobody gave a rats and either ignored it or rationalized it as not their problem. Self interest rules, so it goes, forever.

Also if you were suddenly made superrich you’d suddenly decide all taxes are evil and start demanding to pay none: so you know you’re just as bad.

Society is a thin mask of public spiritedness, which upon any stress reveals a self collapsing temporary alliance of narcissists.

As to solutions to all of this – there are none. We’re doomed, The End.