The Press Gallery write urgently-(about themselves).

The Press Gallery have been sent to the center of power of Australia, where, daily , decisions are made which affect millions of people’s lives. And what do the press gallery write about?

Well, here’s a recent article by ABC press gallery journalist Patricia Karvelas which talks about the urgent issue of…well…herself. Her brave fight against ‘misogyny’ etc etc; what the journalists are feeling etc etc.

I’m not sure if the ABC press gallery journalists have realized it yet, but we pay them to report about the news: not themselves. When journalists write about themselves (and the little canberra ‘bubble’ of politicians/journalists and their little dealings and their silly little ‘leadership challenges’ etc etc) then the rest of us are being shortchanged by not hearing about the issues that we sent them there to cover.

One reason that there are so many issues that are unfixed in our society – overcrowded hospitals, underemployment, social breakdown, collapsing environment; the almost toxic corruption evident everywhere; is that nobody bothers to write about them. Maybe the press gallery could possibly, just, if its not too much trouble, start writing about issues instead of themselves?