Press Gallery’s sexism reaches toxic levels

Consider the below recent pieces, and just think for a moment what would happen had they been written by males about females:

  1. An article (by a former professional femocrat); insisting that all boys schools have female principals appointed. So, all female schools must have female principals, but now all male schools (and possibly mixed schools) also have to have female principals, (otherwise its sexist(!)). This is based on the nonsense meme pushed by Fairfax and the ABC that there is a ‘toxic culture’ at the private male schools.
  • A whinge piece in Fairfax about how nasty male readers are for disagreeing with political journalists such as Annabel Crabb.  Essentially, this piece is arguing that (a) males can never criticize females and (b) females are never unpleasant or nasty to males. An interesting viewpoint, which brings me to point three below:
  • a female writer on Crikey slagging men off for being ‘pale stale and male’ and, then telling men to simply ‘Shut.The.F-ck.Up’. (A male journalist had dared to write and question a few things about the Christian Porter issue)

If any – any-  of the above pieces had been written by men about women (ie demanding male principals for female schools or telling women to “shut.the.f-ck.up” because of their gender) it would be the end of the men’s career. They’d also likely be facing criminal charges under our draconian anti free speech laws. Instead this sexist garbage is celebrated and funded by our toxic media.

Its been two months now since the Canberra staffer matter and the Christian Porter affair hit the media.  The press gallery are still writing about this, this and nothing but this. There is no discussion of policy, of the economy, aged care, floods, natural disasters; nothing. 

Feminism was said to be a quest for equality. Its now far beyond that, into blaming all men for the actions of a few, quotas for women (for bludging-public-sector high paying jobs, not for ordinary ones) ; more media censorship including criminalizing any criticism of women by men (reverse is ok though), new ‘coercive control’ laws that define anyone disagreeing or not giving people money on demand as ‘domestic violence’ (I thought domestic violence had to have- you know- violence in it, but nope) more gender quotas at the ABC (as if it could get any more woke and diversity obsessed than it is now).

When will this toxic sexism stop?