Public servant payrise

The Andrews government has caved in to the public sector unions and granted state ‘workers’ a 3% payrise.  Great.  One of the most bloated, useless lazy body of public servants, in a state which is basically bankrupt, now going up in pay while the real workers, in the private sector, lose their jobs and go broke.

The Victorian public service is bloated beyond belief with overpaid ‘commissioners’, ’senior executives’ etc all pumping out a vast array of worthless regulations which basically make it impossible for anyone to earn a living in the private sector.  

This is also in a state where there is absolute enforcement of the most pettifogging rules, while the real crooks at the top get away with it. Drive 3km above the speed limit and be fined $300 with drastic enforcement. File a pointless, unread, document two days late and be hit with a $1,000 surcharge.  But, steal 14m from the government while working as a bureaucrat and nothing will happen except a smile and a wave and a golden handshake.  Ordinary taxpayers can see the double standards and they are incensed.

There are incredible stories of waste. The public servant who posted on reddit that his only job for three days was to send one, three line, email. The senior housing ‘bureaucrat’ who enthused about how much money she got from the federal Rudd govt in 2009 but then admitted it was all spent on writing reports, they built nothing and she hadn’t visited a public housing site in all her years in the job.

The other irony is that the public sector in Victoria is a total and utter closed shop. Virtually all jobs in it are reserved for mates and relatives of those already working there, and the ‘interviews’ they conduct for jobs are just for show before they give it to the internal candidate, every time.  So we’re being forced to pay for an exclusive little club that we ourselves can’t join.


Skill Shortages: the con that never dies

Is anyone else sick of hearing this for the past 35 years?:

Retraining. Our economy is full of skill shortages. The baby boomers are due to retire (any day now!) and we’ll need an army of people to replace them.  In the interim we need some visa workers to fill the gaps while we retrain.

They’re even doing it now, with the covid crisis and skyrocketing unemployment.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about the labor market in the past 35 years, is that there are no labor shortages.  There haven’t even looked like being any labor shortages since the second world war.  And yet, over and over again, the same old myth gets trotted out. Why?

I think for three reasons:

Its usually a scam to push more visas and immigration.  Wages (very slowly) do occasionally rise, and employers really really hate wage rises. Thus they kick up a stink about fictitious skill shortages; and lazy, gullible journalists (ie all of them) write about it, then governments panic shove through an increase in visas to ‘fix’ the ‘skill shortage’ problem.  The employers get addicted to the cheap labor, gear up to whine next time, and on and on the story goes.

The second are our old frauds, the universities. Long past being real places of learning, they have become a combination of pre-dole young adult minding services, combined with dodgy overseas visa selling citizenship factories. They love hyping the limitless potential of you, provided there’s an upfront payment for them (and, cough, a large unpaid student loan), involved. And don’t listen to the nonsense they peddle about how they ‘have’ to enrol overseas students ‘to make up for state funding cuts’. Firstly, the quote openly outs them as being totally in it for the money (which they are), secondly, its nonsense; there have been no great cuts to speak of.

But the last, and most curious, reason, are people themselves.  Since 1973, our economies haven’t really worked, and we’ve had a larger and larger pool of unemployed. Some recoveries reduce this pool, but every recession pushes it higher. There is no question that my standard of living is much lower now than it was in the 1980s; as likely yours has been. This is before we get to the almost complete ongoing destruction of the natural environment. And yet nobody can really accept this, they think its just temporary, that they can ‘skill up’ and finally get what they think is their full, fair value.

So the ‘reskilling’ scam goes on, benefitting employers, greedy universities, and their deluded customers: us.


How to write a Fairfax/ABC op-ed about Aboriginal issues.

(Note these policies apply uniformly to both Fairfax and the ABC).

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the big time, with the opportunity to have your very own by-lined opinion piece in the ABC or Fairfax website or newspapers concerning indigenous issues.  However, there are strict rules and protocols in place that must be respected at all times. If you want to be a trusted Fairfax/ABC insider, you must follow them:

Start with an emotive frame

Always hammer home rich uncaring whites with the reality of aboriginal deprivation. Something like this “It is only 1000km as the crow flies from the lattes at Pyrmont’s Café Ready to the outback humpy of Dungerin, but the differences couldn’t be more stark.  As the local women wipe flies from their outback cakes, they seem so far away from the quinoa biscuits that you can get at Paddy’s market on Sundays, across from ABC headquarters at Ultimo.”

While you are doing this, remember to omit any confounding factors. Do not mention that the aboriginal women have been to Sydney, and don’t like it; and in fact don’t agree with whites that inner city living is the ultimate aspiration. That they are in fact about to meet a busload of whites who want to learn about local culture (and the “outback cakes” have been devised to please them). Do not mention anything practical, just frame the disadvantage in the worst possible way.

Remember, at all times, that your readers don’t really want the problems fixed. They like reading horror stories about disadvantage, so they can feel disgust at the racism of others, with a warm pleasant glow of moral superiority, all at the same time.  This is why SBS made up fake racist ‘official’ certificates a few years ago to titillate (and secretly please-through-disgust) its virtue signalling audience.  Get into it/exploit it! Dredge up the worst issues of the past (don’t mention many whites were mistreated then too) and imply they are still occurring today.  Project a evil white landowner, noble black scenario! The readers will lap it up!  They also really like exoticism, so set up pictures of things they don’t actually do anymore, like wear traditional costumes or eat native food.

On this topic, never, ever, point out the contradiction of people living in hyper-remote traditional lands, yet demanding working modern infrastructure like airconditioning, despite the exponential cost of delivering it in these locations. Or the awkward fact that most indigenous Australians live in the big cities (these stories don’t have good enough visuals to make the weekend supplements, unfortunately).

Accept the demands of aboriginal bureaucrats unconditionally.  Whenever they demand more self determination, don’t mention ATSIC or its endemic corruption problems.  Never point out there may be financial motives to various apologies demanded, then given, then a further demand for constitutional recognition, along with assorted commissioners, board positions and funding. Also never point out the 1967 referendum actually involved the expansion of a racist power. 

And never mention, of course, that the endless cycle of demanded apologies, more funding etc etc has no practical end to it, nor will it ever have.  The concessions never lead to any sort of thank you or end point, they are soon forgotten waymarkers on the race to expand the complaint industry and aboriginal bureaucracy.

If you must focus on practical solutions, make sure to focus on simplistic feelgood ideas that chime with your readers obsessions.  Talk about how aboriginals are being trained to fix bicycles in the desert (despite the fact this a completely impractical and largely useless scheme that involves flying mechanics and parts in an out for no real sustainable benefit), as many of your readers ride their bikes in the inner city and see them as a panacea to most modern industrial problems.  Definitely don’t talk about how aboriginals truly value their four wheel drives, (you’ll annoy all your readers then).

It is also completely and utterly racist to point out that many people who benefit from aboriginal positions or graduate positions are, (awkwardly), white. Apparently when money or positions are given out on the basis of race, there must be no discussion of race. This is an entirely consistent and logical position and must not be questioned.

Anyway, congratulations! You are well on the way to writing an affecting, guilt-inducing-but-also-pleasing-at-the-same-time piece for your readers.  Maybe you are ready now for your next challenge- writing about the romantic frustrations of young wealthy attractive women (and how its all men’s fault (for not being in the top 20% of attractiveness!).   A career of ABC/Fairfax smugness awaits you!


Hartcher demands immigrants!

You really have to hand it to the press gallery.  They are completely, totally and utterly obsessed with increasing immigration.  They will pay any price, bear any burden, to suit their proprietors and advertisers interests by endless promoting it on the slightest of pretexts.

Step forward Peter Hartcher at this link in the Fairfax online newspapers.  China’s crackdown on Hong Kong means…you guessed it; we need to have unlimited immigration from there!

Of course, there’s the usually logically inept handwaving about how they’re all skilled (nope, and there’s no skill shortages anyway; and haven’t been any for decades), we need the human capital to fill the jobs (there were never any jobs before Covid, and there’s absolutely none after) etc etc. 

The real reason is, of course, never stated: ‘We run a population ponzi which has collapsed so we desperately need more people to prop it up’.  But then, that’s not as catchy as the rubbish and increasingly threadbare and obvious crap peddled by the population pushers.


What the elites really want by ‘pre vetting’ Facebook

The latest elite cause now is ‘pre flagging’ ‘hate speech’ on Facebook and Twitter.  What this really means in English, is pre censoring the few remaining outlets that allow people to publish their own thoughts directly (as chatboards like Whirlpool and others are now completely dead due to ridiculous overmoderation). 

They don’t like free speech, and therefore demand to pre-flag anything that they dislike as ‘hate speech’.   Men who are unattractive who approach women are incels.  All electoral candidates have to be female, otherwise  its sexist. It’s great we spend 33bn a year on Aboriginal welfare, and every time the (largely white) Aboriginal complaint industry starts screaming, we must give them what they way (hint- this means more money). And, of course, none of this money will be stolen.

The elites don’t like Trump, he must be defeated, but more importantly, denied a voice.  I mean, he’s made a few weak moves against immigration (that’s automatically racist), and everyone knows that during the Covid jobs crisis we must have more foreign visa workers, right?

The elites basically don’t like you, don’t need you, they are too busy with their government funded jobs, their groupthink media careers, and cheering on higher and higher immigration to employ their nannies, maids and butlers (and coincidentally support their proprietors and advertisers interests).  You have no right to free speech, you are a racist, sexist swine who should just stop now. And, by god, you have no right to saying anything on the net without it being ‘pre cleared’ first.   

Your speech is automatically ‘hate speech’. So just shut up.


Victoria Corruption

Unsurprising recent revelations of the almost total corruption of the Victorian labor govt. 

Now I have seen comments from people saying ‘oh well at least we’ve gotten good progressive government anyway’.

What people need to understand is that, no you haven’t, there is nothing else there.

You’ve got a couple of virtue signalling snow job advertisements on TV (paid with public money) while in the real world the Andrews govt have flogged everything off to private enterprise while running a population ponzi scheme.

Do you buy groceries or any sort of physical goods? (this is joke- everyone does) Then those goods have likely been shipped through Melbourne’s port which has been flogged off to private enterprise who can charge what they like.  You are being gouged in the supermarket to pay for a private monopoly Labor set up.

Do you ever plan on buying or selling land? Then you must deal through PEXA, a largely Labor set up private monopoly.   And if the land is in Victoria, then you now have to go through the privatized titles office and pay whatever rates are set by the private monopoly. The state forcing you to use a particular private business- its really a unique, new, thing.

Just because you’re being robbed by a thief who expresses concern about social issues and your emotional state during it doesn’t mean you’re not a victim at the end with an empty wallet.

And as for the labor politicians pretending to be ‘offended’ about how they were talked about in the tapes- this is just hilarious given that every labor politician owes their cushy overpaid job to the branch stacking and the way they REALLY talk about each other – and the mug voters who put them there.

Its really really time the ridiculous corruption from top to bottom in this state- (notably in the public sector), is eliminated once and for all, and a total cleanout of all the mates and cushy time seekers is implemented.  Time to get rid of compulsory voting as well, as it guarantees seats for people like this.

Otherwise it’s a total fraud.



I’m not allowed to say this, but he’s not so bad. I’ve noticed that whenever he made vague noises on restricting immigration (particularly the media and the elites sacred H1B visas); the press were quickly on his case. I just wonder if most of the animosity toward Trump is that he occasionally tries to help out the American worker (currently having their lifestyles decimated by visa workers and open borders); and this is not permitted.

The George Floyd incident does look very bad, but then again, Trump never said he supported it etc.

Certainly on the Democrat side no discussion of high immigration/visa workers is permitted ; so Trump is the only option for American workers to protect their jobs.

It’s ironic that business loves free markets and having pricing power, but screams blue murder and demands unlimited visa slaves if wages rise a half percent. And of course the chief demanders of indentured visa workers are the wonderful ‘woke’ tech companies; most of which wouldn’t employ US citizens in a fit.

The biggest negative factor affecting the black labor market in the USA is the presence of visa ‘bonded’ workers (as it is for the white labor market). Thats what we should be marching in the streets about.

Of course I’m not really allowed to think or say the above so please disregard.


The Hawke myth

Having lived through the Hawke PM era myself (1983-1991), and quite liking him and his govt, I can still never understand the way press gallery journalists write adoringly about the Hawke years and how much he ‘reformed’ things etc. 

He really didn’t do that much. 

He didn’t really change wealth distribution, tax the rich more (with one important exception below); or alter any great power balance in society.    

(I can hear people objecting already to this, so lets work through some of the main arguments that Hawke changed a lot of things):


Not really the big shift people thought it was. At the end of the day, its government saying if you keep your savings and then live off them (with an allowed stream in retirement) we’ll tax you less.  Its really still wage earners money, but being locked away from them.

its also turned into (not really Hawke’s fault) a huge gravy train for the rich, and for rich advisers feeding off the money.

I used to think there was some great policy purpose to it, but really the only good it does is stop people blowing their money as they retire, then going on the pension (or at least thinking about doing this). 

It also creates a huge amount of administrative bloat and waste, notably for people who get a one off job etc.


This is probably the single biggest ‘Hawke changed things’ point. Yes it was important, but likely coming anyway, as it has done to virtually every wealthy country except the USA. 

There was a state system of hospitals etc in Australia, but it still had many gaps.

But again, it was coming anyway, and wasn’t really introduced over the protests of any great pressure group (though the doctors union whinged a bit).

And it should have covered dental, but didn’t.

The Accord etc

I never got this:

  • We’ll ask for lower wage rises
  • Business will make more money
  • ?? living standards will rise

I suppose there was a benefit here in less chaos from strikes, inflation etc, but it was way overblown.

Capital Gains Tax

This was the big one.  Introducing a tax on capital gains on assets bought after 1985.  Stupidly, this tax was halved by John Howard in 1999.    This was the one thing I think Hawke really changed.   They had a go at reforming negative gearing (1985) but caved to a property industry whinge campaign in 1987.


So there we have it. A cautious government, a cut in wages. A temporary cut in unemployment, but it all came roaring back in the early 90s recession anyway, (and went far higher and stayed there).

Not a lot of taking on vested interests and forcing change.

So why do all these press gallery journalists (Troy Bramston, Paul Kelly etc etc) love to witter on about the Hawke government and how good it was, ‘reform’ etc etc ?: 

Because it didn’t change much, and it certainly didn’t affect their proprietors interest (in fact their proprietor was grossly appeased with specific laws passed at his command in 1986).

By writing about Hawke etc they can pretend to themselves that they’re all ‘progressive’.  Just like the way they champion unlimited immigration, and kid themselves they’re being all ‘liberal’ when in fact they are cheering on wage cuts and a massive transfer of wealth upwards.

Of course, if anyone really tries to reform things (like getting the miners to actually pay tax on what they dig up), then the press gallery immediately close ranks and start giving unlimited publicity to industry scare campaigns.

But happy to have my mind changed in the comments! (if there are any of course).